Reconnect system is useless
FellowJavFan 2019-04-25 16:10
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Edit Date : 2019-04-25

Everytime I get disconnected this screen appears  

It never reconnects even if my router shows all lights are on and then it leads to this screen  

  On this screen, there is no other option to click other than "OK (ENTER)", which just closes the game client.  

Whats the use of reconnect system if it is never going to work?

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Greetings FellowJavFan,
We apologize for the issue you're experiencing due to the connection. Please send us a ticket at and our team will further help you with these matters. We hope to hear from you soon.
2019-04-26 15:27
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Edit Date : 2019-05-05

Nah, don't bother man. They can't solve it and i'm a living to proof to that. I keep disconnected/reconnecting  everytime i play so i, together with my friends, quit the game since the gm's can't give us any fix to this. All they could do is "PROMISE YOU THAT IT HAS BEEN FORWARDED TO THE PROPER DEPARTMENT". So i'd say, don't put even a little of your hope in them!

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FeedbackTopicReconnect system is useless

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