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Aashir 2019-04-27 00:14
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I wanted to swap my character's name, and after searching around I had found out that there is this Character Name Transfer Coupon that allows you to do so. But I couldn't find it in the Pearl Shop. Anyone knows where to get it ?

Character Name Aashir
Main Character Musa
Lv 18
as someone who had been use this coupon, let me share some info:
1. Once you used the coupon, your name wont immediately change, but it will change after weekly maintenance
2. When you use the coupon, if the name you insert is available, it will instantly use that name, there wont be any confirmation when you put your name, so choose your name wisely when you put in the box
3. The name name that you changed, will be available only after 30days, so if you going to use the current name for a new character, you will need to wait for 30days

if you need more infomation, just whisper me, family: ALTUMBUHI
2019-04-27 12:50
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go to pearlshop. 

Function tab -> search "NAME" on the search bar.

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Main Character Lahn
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Thank you for the reply guys but I think there is some confusion here.

From what I gather there are these coupons for name changes. 



Allows you to change your character's name.
Changes will be applied after next maintenance.



Allows you to transfer the name of a character within your family to a new character.


I am looking for the name transfer coupon but it is not available in our Pearl Shop, however the name change coupon is there. Any ideas on how to get it ?

Character Name Aashir
Main Character Musa
Lv 18
the name transfer coupon may still not available in this server yet
2019-04-28 21:14
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Hello I believe this is what you are after, I am still waiting aswell for PA to release this item to SEA, NA/EU have had it for a long time now why do they get so much love compared to SEA. PA please release this "Character Name Transfer Coupon". [GM] NOX, please put in a good word and implement this in BDO SEA.

Character Name Nibbsi
Main Character Lahn
Lv 62
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