Disable - Interact w/ NPC while mounted
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Edit Date : 2019-06-20

Anyway to disable this? I am used to dismounting before interacting with NPCs.

And its annoying not to be able to dismount on certain NPC-flooded areas like Altinova, 

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We're sorry for the inconvenience that these new features may have caused you. Rest assured that this will be submitted to the relevant department for further checking and once confirmed, we will post it here on our website via an official announcement.

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2019-06-21 01:49
@GM_Calpheon At least make it not being able to interact with other npcs (villagers) or even bushes and flowers.

Horse movements are too clunky for specific actions like these
2019-06-24 15:48
The post was deleted.
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Edit Date : 2019-06-25

I'd like to suggest that the dismount and communicate option should be on different buttons. Something like:

R - Dismount.
F5 - Talk to nearest NPC.

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Main Character Witch
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# 4
Edit Date : 2019-06-28

read this in upcoming changes.  


An issue where pressing 'R' while mounted near an NPC rendered the character unable to dismount has been improved on.
- Pressing 'R' while holding down 'S' (Moving backward) will allow you to dismount even when there is an NPC around. (S+R)

Character Name Shotdown
Main Character Archer
Lv 61
FeedbackTopicDisable - Interact w/ NPC while mounted

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