[DK] Pre-awakening or Post-awakening
RubyRosieZ 2019-08-27 17:47
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Hello guys, im new here. I planed to follow Post-awakening as main damage and looked for a Dandelion weapon. I just consider is Post-awakening good or not. Cuz people told me to decide between pre-awakening and post-awakening to rush weapon after Kutum (Kzarka vs Dandelion) 

Thank you for reading. Have a nice day guys^^

Character Name RubyRosieZ
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i use both depands on what situations cos pre awake skill got high dense debuff like Knockdown+floating while awaken dont have much only striffness debuff that cause enemy or mobs to stood idle 2-5sec and most of the floating debuff skil is slow animation and very bad for PVE cos DK is squishy and can't take much dmg from mobs, while in PVP pre awake and awaken both got benefit role, Pre awake alot debuff that knock player and awaken deal high dmg (not the sword swinging type skill if you know what i meant).

After all, both have their role, if you use pre awaken on strong mobs like Star End, u suffer alot dmg taken, but if u use awaken at Star end you are very mobility and can over play the mobs for pure backaatack, if soloing fast animation mobs like Aakman that rush and hit fast, pre awake can debuff them and awaken to max you're dmg output, both combo use.

Weapon surely both get geared, cos there noway you stop either 1 of those cos diffferent role and dmg output effected greatly.

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Thank you alot:D

Character Name RubyRosieZ
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