Horse selling wihile VP is active
MarleneFF7 2019-08-30 03:55
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Hi GM,


I tried selling my horse while Value Pack is active, and I got only 11% extra silver upon collection (netting me 77.7% from original selling price). This is different with the things sold at Central Market, where you can get extra 30% silver (netting you 84.5% silver from original selling price). Is this intentional, or it's a bug?

Character Name MarleneFF7
Main Character Shai
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Greetings MarleneFF7,
We understand that you had some concerns about the profits you have gained from selling your Mount from the Horse Market. Regarding this matter, might we suggest for you to contact our customer support in order for us to further assist you on this matter. We
hope to hear from you soon!
2019-08-30 07:45
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Edit Date : 2019-08-30

i never got extra pay from horse....maybe it another Bug that got loose recently

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FeedbackTopicHorse selling wihile VP is active

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