is there no 7 days trial?
ITsNIK 2019-09-01 17:13
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Edit Date : 2019-09-01

Thought BDO had 7 days free before we but the game. I saw that in the main BDO page. But later i found out that from my country i cant play. i wanted to try this game once before buying coz i have a Shitty PC. any idea what to do?


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am sorry sadly black desert SEA permanent access event has ended
if you like to try to play the game for 7 days i suggest you look for someone who has a spare 7 days guess past
sorry that is the only way you can try it for 7 days unless you can also try this option
for only $10.00 to-up you can buy the 30days 200 Acoins Essential Package
which is the most basic package:
it contains the 3 following
Game Pass
1 Guest Pass
Value Pack(30days)

good luck. hope to see you online.
2019-09-01 17:46
FeedbackTopicis there no 7 days trial?

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