Tips & Guides BEST How to 61 FAST 2019 - *No Shai Rewards*
Jarette 2019-09-10 01:43
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Greetings, Jarette Domongatt - the last heir of Heidel will share a guide on how to 61 Fast!



This guide is applicable only for players that does not rely on "boosting".
Boosting is a concept of skipping content and instantly gain level up by the help of someone.

Synonyms: Taxi (Taxing), Bus, Leech (Level Leeching)

Note: This guide will be in a form of "summary". Meaning explanations will be kept short and easy to follow by new players.



Welcome to the wonderful world of Black Desert (continent name, unknown)!

Where you can do almost everything that other MMORPG has.
And with that said, after reading and following this guide you'll be level 61 in a week and with enough Silvers for gearing up!


Character choice

At first, since you are new to Black Desert - I highly recommend you to pick "Archer" as your first character.
Why Archer?
Archer is the most noob friendly character next to Shai. And Archer will help you move around fast in the vast world of Black Desert.
The only class that has Awakening on start, meaning you dont need to do Awakening Quest right off the bat when you reach level 56.

However, it is still recommended that you Awaken your character.

Completing Main quest as an Archer gives you benefits.
1. Its already awakened.

2. There is a quest that will give you 7 Days Value Pack! *Important*

3. Fast to grind

4. Easy to use



After picking Archer as the first character of choice, do the main quest until Calpheon. Mediah is optional.
As tested by myself during the "Free 14 days" event.
With Archer, you can do Velia Main story quest up to Calpheon Main Story Quest in 8 hrs (min) - 10 hrs (max).
Now, this is because I already know what to do but it does not mean you will not be able to complete it in 8 hrs time period.

Tips on Questing

Do the quest right from the start after the first "cut scene".

Only do the Main Quest. You can distinguish the main quest when you see an NPC with "Full Yellow Border" above their heads.


This is the quest border that you'll put your interest in. As this is the Main story quest.
Daily Quest. Ignore this until you need contribution points later. Its another topic. For now, lets focus on how you will gain level alone.
Lifeskill Quest, its not important for you.

Side Story Quests

Note: IMPORTANT these quests gives combat EXP! Will be explained further reading of this guide.

Side Story Quest: Usually NPC related stories.


You can complete Veila Quest in roughly 30 minutes by doing ONLY Main Quests (Image #1).
You can complete Heidel Story quest by roughly 1 hr & 40 mins by doing Only main Quests & Selecting the story of Encarotia (Xian merchant Guild).
Note: When you reach Heidel, the quest will branch into 3. Select that quest that requires you to help the Xian Merchant Guild.

You can complete Calpheon Story quest by roughly 5 hrs (more or less).

In total, you can complete Main story from Veila to Calpheon in under 8 hours.

In that 8 hrs you will be at level 52 or 53 with Archer as your class.

What to do Next

Cliff Weapons

Go back to Western Guard Camp in Balenos region.

And look for Cliff (The one who helped me escaped from the claws of Calpheon invaders.)

He will then instruct you to do 3 quests.
These quests requires subjugation of bosses or normal mobs.
The bosses will be from "Scroll" that he will give to you.
Upon completion of these quests, you can get the "Weapons" of your class.
This is why I told you to pick Archer as it will 100% benefit from this quest.
You will get a +15 Awakening weapon that will make your grinding faster!

Note: When you enhance Cliff Weapons to IV (+19), you can exchange it for silvers in Western Guard Camp for 700,000,000 silvers each.


There's a reason why I introduced you to a quest. This is to let you know how things works in Black Desert. Getting to know the game without relying on someone.

Now, Press letter Y (shortcut Key) to open your "Personal Information" in game. Scroll down and look for the "Loyalty Point".

Everyday you will receive 100 pts and if you reach certain thresholds, you will receive more.

You will use your Loyalty points to purchase items in Loyalty Shop.

Press F3 (shortcut Key) to open the Pearl Shop.
Navigate to "Loyalties" then purchase 1 or 5 pcs of "Gift from J". (This is an event item that gives you 530% exp boost)

You dont need to buy the 53 pcs. Just purchase 1 or 5 for now and purchase later if the scroll still lacking.


I am now assuming that you reach level 53 after completing Calpheon.

With the help of the "Gift from J" scrolls, try to reach to level 59.
You can train in:
1. Hexe Sanctuary
2. Mansha's Forest
3. Mane's Hideout
But I recommend you to stay in Hexe Sanctuary. The reason is simple, while gaining high amount of exp from the scroll you are also farming Witch Earring which later can be sold to the central market for extra silvers.

Again, since you already received the 7 Days Value Pack from Archer quest you can sell all the loots that you gain from Hexe Sanctuary.
Loots that can be sold fast from Hexe Sanctuary

1. Witch Earring (19,000,000 silvers to 25,000,000 silvers)

2. Ancient Relic Crystal (2,500,000 silvers)

3. Heve gears

Note: Stay in Hexe Sanctuary until level 55 (56 Max).


Now that you're level 55, its time to move and do Mediah main quest line.

In game, Press O (Shortcut Key) to open Quest Window.
Select "Suggested" then locate: [Lv.55] Porio Trio and the Combat Level-up

This quest line when completed gives you a lot of EXP and you can probably skip levels too!

Now, when doing main quest, It is best that you follow the Neruda Shen quest line as this is the easiest path similar to Encarotia (Xian Merchan Guild).

Whean reaching level 57 or so, you can go back grind in Wandering Rogue Den or Mane's Hideout. While doing that, you can talk to "Datuvarudatu" in Altinova Inn.

This Guy:

He sells scrolls for Amity!

If you dont know the combination, try for more information.

Purchase the following 2 scrolls: (click for more info)

[Scroll] Food Chain II

[Scroll] Robbing the Rogues II


The Idea is to use the scroll every 30 mins from 1 grind spot to next & vice versa.
I did 5 each of this scroll for testing purpose. You can buy 10 if you want to.

Note: You can already do this at level 53. This will greatly help you gain level fast!


Now, I am assuming you reached level 59!

You're almost there!

Now you will also feel that grinding for experience points is tedious and slow, but dont fret this is why I wrote this guide for you!


In game, Press O (Shortcut Key) and click "Suggested".

Locate quest: [Lv.53] The Adventurer's Tome regarding the legend of Chenga

Im sure you're asking yourself, why did the guide said only to get this Tome upgrade now?

The reason is simple, I dont want you to waste valuable time in doing more quest where you can gain far more experience points by grinding. Also, I dont want to you to lost valuable quest that gives high amount of experience points to your low level character.
It will be wasted.


Now that you have your Chenga Tome.

Go back to Calpheon.

Do All Side Story Quests!

Main Quest


Sides Quest with Combat Exp as rewards.

Note: Always double check IF THESE QUESTS Gives you COMBAT EXP!

When you're done doing all the yellow quest from Calpheon, go do Main Story Quest of Kamasylvia including Side Stories quest (indicated above image).

After doing Kamasylvia Quests, go do "Drieghan" main story & side stories next.

After Drieghan I assure you, you are level 61!

If not, there is still Mediah Side stories waiting to be completed!


Foot Note

In recent update, Pearl Abyss Corp, the developer of Black Desert Online updated the game with "catch up mechanics".
These mechanics where not fully utilized by players as they dont see this as beneficial.

Its not beneficial if you are a veteran but it is very very very beneficial for new players like you!


You're not done yet!

Now that you have your Cliff weapon and doesnt like to continue as an Archer.
Go level up a "Shai" class. Follow the same steps in this guide to level up her faster and get to level 60!

Each time a Shai level up you gain "Gold Bars" and other rewards.

So, with that you can have approximately 1,000,000,000 to 2,000,000,000 silvers.
This is enough to start your adventure with your "MAIN CLASS".


Main class refers to the "class" that you will use from now on!


I hope you like this guide and good luck to your adventure!


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Character Name Jarette
Main Character Sorceress
# 2

legit. domongiii



Character Name Goregrim
Main Character Berserker
# 3

Nice Guide all in all! But jarette is still level 57 :< lol


Character Name Aquarium
Main Character Lahn
# 4

Haha, fishing is life sir.

Irony is that Ive been leveling alts using this guide but not this first character.


Character Name Jarette
Main Character Sorceress
# 5

This Guy is really a big help since the start of BDO Sea he has already made infamous guide. (Not Bias)


Character Name Kalayofie
Main Character Sorceress
# 6

BDO Sea would not be the same without this guy. He does a very good job supporting the community. 


Character Name Sots
Main Character Valkyrie
# 7

Sept 14, 2019 - Fix minor typos.


And Im really glad that you all liked it!
Its not been so long ago that this was created and its already gathering thousands of views!


Thank you everyone!


Character Name Jarette
Main Character Sorceress
# 8

Thanks for the guide, this worked very well for me as a new player.


Character Name Eirsson
Main Character Archer
# 9

Legit guide, just got to 61 doing everything what the guide told me to do.


Character Name Niquita
Main Character Kunoichi
# 10

"Each time a Shai level up you gain "Gold Bars" and other rewards."
Is this still applicable? Or was it an event only condition?


Character Name Kazukoi
Main Character Mystic
# 11

[Node war guide]
[PvE Guide]
[PvP Guide]


Each time a Shai level up you gain "Gold Bars" and other rewards."
Is this still applicable? Or was it an event only condition?
Answer: @Ikarin Afaik, its still there.

Character Name Jarette
Main Character Sorceress
# 12

Hi Jarrette,

Now that you have your Cliff weapon and doesnt like to continue as an Archer.
Go level up a "Shai" class. Follow the same steps in this guide to level up her faster and get to level 60!

Each time a Shai level up you gain "Gold Bars" and other rewards.

So, with that you can have approximately 1,000,000,000 to 2,000,000,000 silvers.
This is enough to start your adventure with your "MAIN CLASS".


Is this still available? Or just for event?


Character Name ReixahN
Main Character Lahn
# 13

The Shai rewards was already removed but I think the +60 FS still remains IIRC.


Character Name Jarette
Main Character Sorceress
# 14

One of those rare SUPPORTERS that provide some helpful content and guides. Funny when PA say you are great when you treat the forums like a chat room.


Character Name Veonya SUPPOTER
Main Character Shai
# 15

I still have spare account from steam discount, will try another leveling guide after 2019.

Since there has been lots of improvements to quest rewards as well as new items given.

I'll probably document the progress as well.


Character Name Jarette
Main Character Sorceress
# 16

nice guide thank you very much i have tried it my self but still only in 46 because i have homework lol and because of the bug in the "seed delivery quest" so i can't move to the next quest. i am playing around one and half hour (all this duration not only for killing mobs)  but i choose the different path i am choosing the middle one not the xian or other merchant main quest because i read this guide after that lol. and yeah using 3 scrolls from loyalties (starting point at naga subjugation quest) and jush smash those innocent being until they won't aggro and move to the next quest i can get around 21+ levels and 150+ skill points.


and i have queston. so, this cliff weapon is not same one with the weapon that can be achieved using the 50 contribution points? and what about the weapon that you can upgrade using alchemy like amerigano, etc, etc (sorry i forgot the name but the unenhance one) is the that gear nice one until you reach 56 at least? thank you. and i don't know this but my mysthicc get liverto 15+ and 10+ green cestus and blue one (0+ sorry forgot the name again) so i assume all the class will also get the same gear but depending on the class right? 


thank you.


Character Name Yakitoriz
Main Character Ninja
# 17

While questing, you will receive "weapons" that is blue.
These weapons are low quality and is often used in "Tutorial" when you reached Delphe Knight Castle (where the Harpies are).


Use this weapon up until you can get a better one.


You also get Liverto +15, do not enhance this. This item is a waste of your time and silver.

Use this until you can finish the Calpheon main quest line.


After completing Calpheon, you get the Cliff quest in Western Guard Camp at Balenos territory from "Cliff" himself.


The one you mentioned in regards with 50 Contribution Points is a weapon exchange item in Calpheon.

This Item for example:


You can use this as an alternative from your "Blue Quest Reward" item until you get your Cliff Weapons.



Character Name Jarette
Main Character Sorceress
# 18

Grats on winning top 10, Jarette.


Character Name Veonya SUPPOTER
Main Character Shai
# 19

Congratulations on your Top 10 Supporter win Jarette!



Character Name Auraenys SUPPOTER
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