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Starting as a Life skiller
DeathxQueen 2019-09-18 16:19
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Hello this is DeathxQueen from the Excalibar family.I am here to share some tips for those adventures who are joining as a new player or those who are thinking about doing lifeskills.

Well mostly we are always running after different lifeskill trying them out to find the profit.I mean like which lifeskill gives the most silver etc.But the issue is you if you think it like that, you are going to make huge amount of cash rushing for doing certain lifeskill thats totally wrong cause you are not the only one rushing for it.


So, rushing for a single lifeskill thinking you are going to make a huge amount of profit wont really make you much.Why not we take sometime to think which lifeskill is best for whom.

Well there are four types of players in the game,


2)PVP focused/grinders


4)People who are busy in real life


And there are even suitable lifeskill for everyone such as the one who are busy in real life can focus on fishing as you can do it being inactive as well or do farming which is also a inactive lifeskill if you use worker but its a trade of contribution points for your income so its not bad at all.Farming is also good for those who are pvp focused or grinding most of the time.Take break and you can collect the farm and get back to your grinding session.


Explorers are mostly active looking for game knowledge and goes to the deepest part of the map to find the most interesting treasure however when it comes to lifeskill they can also do most of the gathering lifeskill to gain more knowledge and from those simple gathering you can get some good profitable items like hard shard crystal,caphras,sharp crystal etc.In other word gathering gives a huge amount of eco knowledge.Well explorers do need to take some time off and take a rest and thats the best time to do some activity like cooking,fishing,alchemy,processing to gain more knowledge from the items you gather.


Well lastly the lifeskillers not all the lifeskillers are afk or inactively playing as the one who wants to become a pure lifeskiller they are always running around gathering mats playing with the eco and well providing us the items we need to have a better gameplay its almost like the food we get to grind faster or gain more power is coming from the lifeskillers well why not we become a lifeskiller as well.


Types of lifeskiller:

1)Inactive/active lifeskilling

2)Semi active lifeskilling

3)Active lifeskilling


Inactive/active lifeskilling:

                                This section includes fishing,cooking,alchemy,farming,Training lifeskill I didn't add processing here duo to weight management cause not everyone owns the costume to do processing right from the storage.In fishing lifeskill you just need a fishing rod and put your character to fish and after 3mins your character will auto catch fishes.But you can also do active fishing which is profitable if you do hotspot fishing.Hotspot fishing is when you are roaming around sea you will see seagulls in a certain spot that is a hotspot where you can catch fish which are expensive and can be delivered to the imperial fishing npc.One can earn pretty good money doing daily hotspot fishing.With the higher fishing lifeskill level you gain you will see more hotspot appearing and more chance to catch prize fish as well.Cooking and alchemy is a inactive activity unless you have weight management issue cause sometimes you may find it difficult to produce mass amount of item if you have less weight for yourself.But while you are doing cooking there is a chance to mass produce now with the new lifeskill update and with alchemy you can even produce random items such as goldbars,alchemy stone,hard/sharp crystal,memory fragments etc.Farming is a inactive activity for those who are busy in real life but wants to make some profit being inactive.You can do farming and get to artisan lifeskill level to make magical seeds and you can make good amount of money from it even the tier 9 horse materials.And lastly training.Training is a little semi active due to the part where you need to catch a horse to train them cause you can just get a horse randomly other than quest so after you catch a horse you are basically going to do auto run to train them overnight and get a better result by turning it into imperial delivery or selling in the market.If your horse becomes a courser which means the finest horse of that tier.You can actually make millions of silver from that horse so this lifeskill is a great one for the busy people who are looking for a easy way to earn money.


Semi active lifeskilling:

                              Well semi lifeskill are those activities where you simply do some lifeskill on your break or spare time such as training,farming,processing,cooking,alchemy lifeskills.

Well this part is for those who are unable to have higher weight to carry the weight for the mass productions so they do the lifeskill on their break time.One can do processing the materials that comes off the invested nodes or the times you have gathered earlier.I have included farming in this section cause you can collect your crops after 3hours depending on your seed type.This way you can actually make more profit and more material to attempt a tier 9 horse.So,being a little active to collect the crops after they reach 100% can actually turn into a good profit.And short time alchemy is really a good semi active lifeskill cause you can make elixir for your self when you are getting ready before you start grinding.


Active lifeskilling:

                          This is the part where you become a full time lifeskiller as active lifeskilling means you are most likely doing lifeskill most of the time trying to gain more than silvers more fame and get to the server ranking as well.This part includes gathering,sailing,trading,harpooning(part of fishing but must be done actively),hunting.


Gathering is a full time active lifeskill even if you are gathering water you need to look for the weight and if any random rare item comes your character might pause.Anyways lets get a little more deep into gathering.All the basic items to do any other lifeskill such as cooking,alchemy,processing can be found doing gathering.This is the reason your first pick to become a lifeskiller should always be gathering.You gather your own materials focus on the final result and keep on gathering the materials.Its better to gain more knowledge to have more energy otherwise you will run out of energy fast.Tips:You can buy energy potions off market,create energy potions from alustin from other characters or drink high quality wine from cook vendors or even do daily red battle field quest and gain 200 energy which is totally free.Always be aware of the market price ups and downs so you can be sure which item will give you more profit and based on that you can do your gathering or even just do gathering to sell the basic items you gather to make some side money.Note:Gathering can proc random items with high chance such as Caphras,Hard,sharp crystal,random trade items as well.With the new lifeskill higher gathering skill gives chance to gather more base items as well.So, gathering is the first part of active lifeskill one should focus on.


Sailing is a bit different than other lifeskill where you hunt ocean creatures to make money which is actually very profitable as you can make alot of silver if you are in a guild which focus sea monster hunting.Other than that what you need to do sailing is get a sailboat do some daily quest to level up your sailing to enjoy the sea at the best do some port ratt visits to gain knowledge on sea monsters and you can even do trading which is alot profitable but risky as well if you get attacked by sea monster.But other than that its a fun lifeskill where you can go out there in the deep ocean and find a exciting adventure waiting for you.


Trading is a part of processing when you are processing materials and turning them into crates to travel far and trade them for a certain amount of profit.This a long process as creating crates take time but the reason i put this lifeskill in active is due to the bandits or chance to get attack by other players or mobs depending on your trade destination.Bandits will always be waiting for you to come with trade goods and they will attack your wagon,horse,donkey if you are carrying any trade items.So you need to be careful and do the trading actively.Its almost like a work done in a month once or twice.


Harpooning is one of those lifeskill which is rarely seen people doing so due to the hard part where you need to get a fishing boat to deep sea to catch better fish.Harpooning wasnt much profitable based on the time spent traveling far but with the new manos lifeskill update you can catch prize fish which cost millions and can be sold directly to the npc.Doing harpooning for several hours with a higher fishing lifeskill mastery can be really profitable if you are able to catch a few prize fish and trade the fish to far valencia with the desert buff you can make huge amount of cash but you need to choose the lifeskill based on the time it will consume.


Hunting is a lifeskill you will really love to do cause you can carry a gun to kill strong mobs and gather alot of materials at once.What you need is a matchlock which can be made in workshops or gained by doing hunting quest.A reason why you will fall in love with this lifeskill when you start hunting whales and khalks.Its a thrilling adventure chasing a big blue whale with your friends together on a boat fire and hunt it doing and then share the sweet prize together.khalk is a bit easy comparing to whale as you need to more around a lot in the water where khalk is in the ground part.Other than blue whale or khalk you can gain alot of gathering materials just hunting normal huntable mobs such as blood,meat,horn,hide and other rare drops which increase with the mastery level.With new manos mastery you can craft expensive trade items by hunting and make a lot of profit as well.So, get out there and start hunting.


Well hope i was able to provide some good information about lifeskill and if you are interested to start doing a lifeskill please do consider the time you are going to invest.

Remember one thing you make the money based on your contribution your time invest.Hope you guys have a good day and make tons of money.If you have any questions feel free to ask me.



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Nice guide DeathxQueen! How come I just saw this today after almost 1 month? Haha. I'm number 3 and 4 on your categories.


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Thank you for the supports <3 hope i will be able to share more guides and help everyone with all kind of problems they would face.


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Congrats Excalibar! Well deserved!


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