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Merge Please, __link Account Feature for Steam & Web
HanzoHattori 2019-09-18 21:08
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Pearl Abyss released the Black Desert Sea on the Steam Client, players can play anywhere both via Steam and the official web, but after getting information at Steam FAQ, the Player will feel the loss if those who want to try to choose to play through steam rather than on the official web. because the game on Steam will be safer than on the original website, because the PA explains that the Player cannot connect accounts or is called the Link Account combine from Steam to the official web.

And have to play all over again. Players will think if playing from the beginning then the account on the official is no longer useful, all the results of the purchase of acoin from the web can no longer be felt except buying DLC ​​from Steam, this is indirectly to drain the players so that they make a waste even with an appendage. discount, but it's still a waste,

Therefore it is better to present the account link feature as other developers such as Digital Extreme and Hi-Rez link accounts so that consumers are more comfortable playing without having to repeat from the beginning on a different account. because this method will be more relevant than having to play one game and the same server but must use different accounts in different clients.


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# 2


SEA is fairly new server but STEAM has been part of EU/NA published by Kakao.
With that, even Kakao doesnt allow linking of account from steam to web or vice versa.


So, I doubt it will be implemented here as well. Although I couldnt be more happier if they allow that.


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