Quick Tips ( 2 weeks TRI Yellow Armor&Accessory )
Misteriusman 2019-09-26 01:01
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I will give a simple tips about event : Level Up Challenge

since many of my friends make a mistake, include me..


for this event, we will get this

lets focus on reward lvl 56 & 58.

lvl 56 & 58 we will get Trina Knights First Captain's Support Kit (7 Days)

in the Trina Box we will get : Valks’ Main Weapon Box (7 Days), Valks’ Sub-weapon Box (7 Days), Valks’ Awakening Weapon Box (7 Days), Valks’ Defense Box (7 Days), Valks’ Accessory Box (7 Days)

so basicly we will get a set of TRI armor and TRI accessory for 7 days..


the tips is,

do not claim both of it at the same time !

why ? because the 7 days expired time will start when u claim the reward/box ! ( dunno is that a bug/error or it just the way they are )

so instead of getting 2 weeks for the TRI armor and TRI accessory u just get it for 1 weeks/7days, because when u claim it at the same time, the expired time will start together..

( thats was a mistake i made T_T )

just claim it 1 by 1,.

claim first today and claim again 7 days later or when the item is expired :)


for a newplayer.. this event gear will help u much for grinding/lvling in 2 weeks.. so u can focus on getting silver first, better then waste silver & time on frustating enhance XD


for other player, if u can get a 2 weeks TRI set of Accessory's, u can save 60 Shining Medal of Honor ( 30/Baron Accessory )

so now u have a 2 weeks backup for u gear.. if u wanna try enhance u accessory/armor to IV:TET "Good Luck"


or u can use the free TRI gear to a alt Character and use it for World Boss/Dark Rift/Field Boss, since the event World Boss Loot Drop Rate Up! is ongoing.


or... u can use the Free TRI gear to ur alt char and finish Valencia Quest to get FailStack as reward... so u can do it alone and fast :)


but remember,,

the free gear event period will end at October 23, 2019 before maintenance
here the information about this event :

※ However, the Shai class, which discovered a Talent instead of Awakening, cannot open Valks’ Awakening Weapon Box.

※ The Event Challenge Rewards can only be collected during the event period. Once the event period ends, the rewards will be removed and cannot be collected. Items lost due to this case cannot be recovered. 

※ You can use the items for 7 days after opening the ‘Trina Knights First Captain's Support Kit (7 Days)’. Be aware that items must be used during this period, as you cannot use the items once the period ends.  

※ If you have already achieved the necessary level before the event or the Challenge is not being displayed correctly, restart your game and you should be able to view the Challenge normally. 

※ You will be unable to equip the equipment acquired from the Trina Knights First Captain's Support Kit if your Character's Karma is negative. If your Character has the equipment already equipped, then the equipment's effect will not apply. (Last modified: 9/25 18:22)


Black Desert Online Event


this just my simple tips..

sorry for bad english :D

hope this help..


if u newplayer/returning and wanna ask anything about the game,,

u can whisper me ingame Family : HULONDALO

i will try u answer u question when i online :)


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Nice guide! Thanks!


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wow, thanks for the guide now i can peacefully roulette my gears 


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