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Easy Tips for Raising Energy [Knowledge Guide]
Vionetta 2019-09-29 04:49
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# 1

Okay this time i'll post about tips for gaining high energy through this simple guide. Well, this guide maybe complicated at first, but all you need is Be Patient and Willingness.


This is the list item you may need to accomplish the knowledge easier.
- Any Bird Pet with talent Gain Knowledge Boost, except : Kuku.
- Item from valentine [Event] Cacao Chocolate 

- Looney/Weenie Elixir (Green/Blue Grade)
- Energizing Cron Meal
- Glasses-Earing with Gain Knowledge +50% effect

Okay let's go~ Press H in BDO to start!~

1. Topography Knowledge

First thing you wanna do in BDO even if you new in this game, it will be adventure right? Of course it is, every adventurer doesn't like if their Map still blurry. Now we will start to opening all node, you can use this to guide where the NPC exact location.

Note: Some topography were not in map at all, you need to gain Amity to unlock that in certain NPC. (Ex: Igor Bartali, Luolo Grebe)
How to know where the NPC location who provide the Knowledge? Look at H -> What region is it -> Look Map -> Find with Tree symbol. There is NPC beside that symbol.


2. Character Knowledge

Okay, the second thing were NPC knowledge. This knowledge will get along together with Topography. Your adventure soul won't let you miss the in your Mini Map or your Map isn't it.. Ahahaha. All you need is interact to every NPC in your range, just it~
Note: Some NPC need requirements like Amity with other NPC, or he wants him to be the last person you interact!

3. Sea Knowledge

For Sea, it will be Topography and Charachter itself. Stop at every island in your range, talk to NPC there, thats all. But, for sure it will cost long time, in my experience, I finish this knowledge around 3-6 hour. But if you had Sailing skill at Skilled 1 it would be faster with every ship (Except Fishing Boat-Raft).

Note: I would reccomend to do this knowledge after you obtain all node-NPC in land first.


4. Ecology Knowledge

Next, this one need you to kill monster in that region, grind spot, and sometimes need you to change server because of the rare monster existance. Where should you start? Okay, let's begin with Balenos (Olivia-Velia) -> Serendia (Heidel-Glish) -> Calpheon (Calpheon-Florin-Glish-Port Epheria-Treant-Behr) -> Mediah (Tarif-Altinova-Abun) -> Valencia (Sand Grand Bazaar-Shakatu-Ancenado Inner Harbor-Arehaza-Muiquun) -> Kamasylve (Old Tree Wisdom-Tooth Fairy Cabin-Grana) -> Duvencrune (Duvencrune).
Note: If you're in party, you need to get last hit-last blow to get the knowledge.

5. Adventure Journal Knowledge
Now, intermediate difficulty session. This one need you to completed Chain-quest, Pre-required quest and free knowledge through interact with item in Black Desert. Sometimes when you interact item, it will cost energy. For knowledge from NPC, it will cost their Amity value like picture below.

Note: Do you know every town has its own library? Like calpheon-valencia-grana. You can interact with that, of course it will cost energy, it was from Adventure Journal too~

When you confused where to start, use this link to help.


6. Academy Knowledge

And lastly, this time were almost Amity Game and the other were Quest and Interact some NPC/Item. This one depends on how you scale the diffilcuty, because that mini game syncronize with what horoscope we choose when creating our charachter. You can use this to guide where the NPC location and this for better option to choose in that mini game. 

Simple guide on How Amity game works!

Every Amity game need some requirements, like the picture beside, it need knowledge [Serendia Adventure Journal II] for the the option to choose when play the game. The more option you get, the easier the game will be played.

This is the requirements for every Amity game.
- Gain minimum Favor of X from [NPC]

- Gain an accumulated Favor of X or more from [NPC]

- Spark the interests of [NPC] X times/X consecutive times

- Talk freely with [NPC]

- Fail to spark the interest of [NPC] X time(s)

X = Value, ex 1-1000

From the pic beside you can see the value in Interaction Effect such as:

- Sparking Interest : X (X %)

- Favor : X-X

- Next combo effect : ~~Comment~~

# If the requirements are [Success] = Pick option with the most high percentage value.

# If the requirements are [Fail] = Pick option with the most low percentage value.

# If the requirements are Favor value = Pick option with the most high Favor and don't forget with most high percentage too.

Note: What is combo? If you got the combo effect, the value of Favor you got more high. (Ex. this option must be in 3rd or 5th at the option you choose)

 If you want to read the detailed on how Amity works, read this

Note: Certain NPC has very high diffilcuty to increase their Amity though mini-game. You can spam F5 (Greetings) on them, it has 1:1 Amity to Energy!


This is my tips for you to complete that Knowledge without being go back and forth too far

# Clear the Main Quest from The beginning-Calpheon-Mediah first, then do the knowledge mission from Olivia.

# Start at Olivia>Velia>Heidel>Keplan>Calpheon. Do some quest -> Open node -> Interact with ? NPC -> Kill monster -> While doing journal quest.

# Continue to Valencia-Kamasylve-Duven after that region completed.

# You can do 1-5 together, so prioritize them first.

# Do Academy Knowledge at last, cause it's the very hard session and it will cost most of every energy from your charachter.

# Thats all you do while opening the website above to prevent you being lost, so to do this need some time, patient and will.

Note: Why you should clear main quest 1st? Because of the pre-required mission on NPC sometimes need to do main quest first.



1. My quest has gone far, and i don't know where to start again, everything looks complicated, what should i do? Ans: Do from topology 1st, then character-adventure journal-sea-academy-ecology.
2. I'm confused where to start adventure journal cause some quest already completed, what should i do? Ans: Every adventure journal always has chain-quest. So don't worry. If you forfeit at middle quest, start again from the beginning of the chain-quest if you forget, and dont forget to open web-guide.
3. Some of adventure journal has huge chain-quest at the web, how do i bypass that? Look their title quest, if same then you should go there 1st. If not, look the quest complete condition, you should sync the quest giver and the quest reporter.


Okay that's all, Have a good adventure in Black Desert!


Follow my posts (Vionetta) in the coming days for the detailed Tips & Guide!

If you had any concern or something you confused, you can message me in-game:

Family Name: Sachasty


Character Name Vionetta
Main Character Sorceress
# 2

good guide bro


Character Name Fannyz
Main Character Maehwa
# 3

what should i do after raising my energy?
should i just waste it to spam on channel server chat?


Character Name Weedtch
Main Character Tamer
# 4

Hi Weedtch! Energy has a lot of usage, some of them are:


Gathering resources

Bargaining with Trader

Stealing from NPCs

Currency for knowledge


Character Name Auraenys
Main Character Dark Knight
# 5



Character Name Nichia
Main Character Witch
# 6

@Weedtch Most Popular Uses For Energy:

- Black Spirit Combat Exp Buff: +20% costing 50 Energy

- Life Skills: Gathering, Farming, etc

- NPCs: Knowledge, Amity and Quest activities


Character Name Vionetta
Main Character Sorceress
# 7

@Aurafyre Stealing? it aint stealing if its mine to begin with. I'll take whats mine, and I'll take some more, it rains and it pours.

@Vionetta nah, im too lazy, ill just bottle it up to use later, thanks to that Alchemist NPC Alustin in Velia


Character Name Weedtch
Main Character Tamer
# 8

Good guide. Fellow knowledge hunter here...


Note for ecology, you need to do the finishing blow for a chance to get the knowledge if you're in a party. Keep that in mind if you're trying to get harder mobs' knowledges like mirumok towers.


Character Name JaneErekura
Main Character Sorceress
# 9

This is a very helping guide for new adventure like me, Good Job !


Character Name LahnChou
Main Character Lahn
# 10

@JaneErekur Thank you for the small details you said, i'll edit soon.


@LahnChou Thank you for your positive feedback. Please share to your friends-guildies who might need this guide.


Feel free to ask me in-game if theres any trouble you got.


Character Name Vionetta
Main Character Sorceress
# 11

well done, SUPPORTER Vionetta!


Character Name Veonya
Main Character Shai
# 12

Energy = spam toxic flames on server chats


Character Name DyahGitarja
Main Character Shai
# 13

Very nice guide! 

Dreaming about the day I'd hit 600 energy.

Another tip: Tag the character you're doing knowledge hunting with, with another character when you are going for amity game with certain (arrogant) NPCs. That way, you have x2 more energy :D 


Character Name Citrouellie
Main Character Kunoichi
# 14

Yeahh, for Amity Knowledge, its better to do it with F5 (Greetings) spam, cause certain NPC has very hard diffilcuty to increase their Amity through mini-game.

@Citouellie thank you. Max cap for energy right now is around 586++, maybe should wait another update to get 600++ energy~


Character Name Vionetta
Main Character Sorceress
# 15

I shared this on our guild discord for our new friends of BDO.

sweet thanks @Vionetta


Character Name Veonya
Main Character Shai
# 16

@Veonya thank you, may the guide help them a lot for increasing their energy~


Character Name Vionetta
Main Character Sorceress