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Black Desert Online is easy
FSaint 2019-09-29 15:19
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You see, this game called Black Des-uh Line, is very easy.

I have to admit that those players in the server and world chat are overreacting when it comes to the RNG of the game.

In this guide, I would like to give my very basic guide, info, or instruction on how to easy your way out of Black Despa..Line .


*I didn't intend to insert any pictures for this guide because I have a slow PC and I can still play for some reason. 





Black Desert Online is an MMORPG sandbox game. It has grinding and killing but other than that it also has life skills. It's a class restricted game so if you are a jack of all trades type of person, good luck. :)





Because you want to play something? Isn't that why we play games? To entertain ourselves intead of the act of pleasuring ourselves or talking to non-existent people?

If you want me to give some reasons here:

You want to try out being a fantasy character.

You hope to be ISEKAI'd.

You want to be depressed because of Ronald NcDonald Gamer.

You want to play a game but not actually play it.

You have too much free time or unemployed and bored.


You just want to have fun.




Pay the game creators your hard-earned money... from your parents,

Download Black... what was it again?,

Experience the new world that you have stepped on... namely "Failed to download patch,"

Enter the game after your long journey towards your downfall,

Create either your perfect or dream human, or create a living meme,

After you pass the world of loading, you enter the border of hell,

Obediently follow the black smoke with a face until you get bored,

Talk, Kill, Deliver, Gather, Go to, Talk, Kill, Deliver, Gather, Go to, Talk, Kill, Deliver, Gather, Go to,

Find out that RNG is the factor that would kill you internally,

Then you find out about FISHING,

Escape - Disconnect - End Game... then the greatest lie of them all, "This might take a while."

Then you find out that you want to do something other than play the game, sleeping,

Repeat the addiction.




You're an indecisive person? No problem. I have descriptions that even an infant would understand:


Warrior - But he's a knight and then he gets a big sword for a spin attack like Tryndamere from league of legends.

Valkyrie - She's a female knight but she gets a big lance called "Lancia" which are good in jousting... if there was jousting in the game.

Wizard - Generic male mage that uses kul magic tricks then when he awokes can summon big boi red. Oh and the water woman.

Witch - Wizard but female. Only the bois she can summon are different which are the iron golem but it's stone and thunder.

Tamer - Girl with big wolf and she's the first loli in the game.

Berserker - Big boi, big health, Smol patience.

Dark Knight - Girl with long sword but longer and when awoken she has a floating sword but it's 2. To sum it up, she's sword girl.

Sorceress - Girl that uses black magic and when awoken she gets a big scythe, one could say she's the female version of the Grim Reaper if he was a male.

Striker - Unarmed boi that likes to smash the ground a lot by punching with his clones.

Mystic - Female Striker but she also kicks. She has a water dragon god thing also.

Musa - Main man. Samurai-esque boi then when he awokes...I'll just say Fidget Spinner.

Maehwa - Female Musa but Musa is still best boi.

Ninja - As his name suggests he is indeed a ninja. So put your weaboo hats on and start weeaboo-ing.

Kunoichi - Female ninja. She's just a female ninja.

Archer - Boy with his big bow already at the start and he's just a coward in the back line character.

Ranger - Girl that had a bow but then gets a sword after.

Lahn - Flying/Gliding.

Shai - Second loli. Girl with boomerang. Support. Loli.




This is pretty easy actually, its just that there is another factor that is a little bit hard... just a little bit.

Before rich, poor bois:



Grunil - Kill before you die.

Rocaba - You can't die if you don't get hit.

Heve - You'll live a little longer than usual.

Hercule's - You carry things.

Agerian - You kill faster.



Elsh - Never miss miss again.

Rosar - Kill much fast but miss much more.

Yuria - Man kill people, yes?

Liverto - Big damage, Big MISS.

or any blue grade quest weapons...



It doesn't really matter.

You'll probably change it to kutum anyways.


Any green-grade would do.

You can even try the other factor of gear progression... Enhancing.


*Honestly I got lazy at this part xD


Rich now, rich boi:





Giath - Big health.

Griffon - Become stubborn and die slower.



Dim Tree - Big health, Big resource.

Red Nose - Huh? Oh I forgot this exists.



Leebur - More not taking damage.

Bheg - More hitting, Less missing.



Muskan - Not Hitted, Not Dieded.

Urugon - Tank gets more resilience.



Kzarka - Most people have this so just bandwagon...

Offin Tet - A weapon from a tree.

Blackstar - Kills more and frustrating to enhance.



Kutum - Mob is deadness.

Nouver - Human is deadness.





Crescent - Generic damage ring.

Cadry - Generic defence ring.

Eye of the Ruins - It's crescents but it's better

Tungrad - More damage, more expensive.



Ogre - I can only imagine a bulk of metal around your neck. Oh it also gives you more damage.

Sicil - It also has defence. Yeah that's it.

Tungrad - More damage, more pricier.

Seraph - Worse than Ogre, less pricier.

Laytenn - A copy of the Ogre.



Centaur - More resilience.

Valtarra - It's the basilisk but it gibs mor ech pi.

Basilisk - You generic belt for rich people.

Orkinrad - Inferior version of the basilisk.

Tungrad - More damage, more priceness.



Witch - Cheap, Reliable, and it also kills.

Narc - It has kills and it protex.

Tungrad - It kills more, it expensive more.



Skilling Life


Gathering - The worst of them all because it requires... playing the game.

Cooking/Alchemy - They are, logically speaking, the exact same when it comes to gather mats then create thing.

Processing - This is pretty useless without paying the game. Nonetheless, it brings more money with the right amount of real money paid.

Hunting - Another skill that requires moving, ugh. And it involves killing virtual animals also. :(

Trade - It's a pain to level this up and you still have to pay for the buff. All to get money.

Sailing - The problem with this is, you go to the ocean, get lost, sadness appears.

Farming - This is a chill thing to do when you have free time but you're better off killing other people and mobs.

Training - The thing is, it levels when you go from place to place with the requirement of only having to ride a horse.

Gathering, yeah cool. Cooking/alchemy, sure. Processing, huh?. Hunting, kill is bad(ironic isn't it). Trade, people are involved. Sailing, boat that took 2 weeks to make excluding the material gathering. Farming, sure but vegetables? seriously? Training, it's natural.


-But GOD has given us the grace that we all needed, the skill to battle other skills, they have given us the act of FISHING, the art of taking out the bait and throwing at the ocean with the hopes of marine life taking the bait. Shall mankind never lift a muscle ever again when "playing" a game for FISHING has arrived.





In short, I don't really care anymore.

Let me be serious at this point of this good for nothing guide.

This game is just an abomination of MMORPG stereotypes with RNG being its key feature to develop and progress.

Yet, why do I play it?

Why am I so eager to even posting a guide of some sorts for all of you?

It's because despite of the game being very flawed, with those flaws, I find it really fun and couple more million people not just on the SEA servers but on other countries also find the time to even give time to this game.

It's because it has the best combat gameplay compare to other MMORPGs atleast in my opinion.


At last we've come to this point of the guide,

I hope all of you enjoyed my somewhat rants at the game.

I'm open to any criticisms when making a joke guide and also open to tips when making a REAL guide as your supporter for this game.


I'll see you again when the game makes another oh no!

Bye Bye.




P.S : I just noticed that at the end of making this guide, I really forgot the name of the game and I put in the game towards the end of this guide.





Character Name FSaint
Main Character Musa