Road to level 61 : ONLY BY DOING QUESTS!
Potatopower 2019-09-29 20:19
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Hello guys, this is somethig i find usefull when i want to level up my alt charaters and this can be used by total new players also! 

So if you dont wanna grind for any reason and still wanna get combat exp can get to lvl 61 easily by just doing quests.

Usefull links:

FROM LEVEL 1-58 : ( Brief information)

                        ( Full Raw footage)

FROM LEVEL 58-59 : ( Brief information)

                           ( Full Raw footage) 

FROM LEVEL 59-60 : ( Brief information) 

                           ( Full Raw footage) 

FROM LEVEL 60-61 : ( Brief information) 

                           ( Full Raw footage)


Not only this is a chill way to level up but it also lets u enjoy the story of bdo! 

All the credit goes to the youtuber : Potion Shop ( 

Good luck adventurers and happy questing ^^


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