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SUPPORTERS need Support
Veonya 2019-09-30 15:04
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# 1

Dear Pearl Abyss,


Appreciate if you let players especially new and VET (as this system wasn't available then) about this SUPPORTER group of people.

As they dont know, the event is over and no promotions about it anymore?

We need some Promotion on announcements if possible.


Some of us really want to see this system succeed.


Support the SUPPORTERS pls, PA.



Character Name Veonya
Main Character Shai
# 2

You have high expectations of a responsible knowingly its voluntary.


Giving you (us) the opportunity to be part of the community as a supporter is how they'e shown interest in us and support us the veterans.


The event is over, yes that is correct but that does not mean the selection process has ended. They still need to weed out 10 active supporters and remove 90 supporters who leeches with the value packs.


Character Name Jarette SUPPORTER
Main Character Sorceress
# 3

sorry, this isn't expectation.

its what we need to do our duties better.

the event started before the steam ppl came in.


the event is made to settle a void of lack of support to the community.

Mind you, is this SUPPORTER event available on other servers besides SEA?


thus many who have came in doesnt know what a SUPPORTER is.


I as a supporter dont know what I am supposed to do. so am I gonna be removed later like the shai dockey?


This isn't about VET, if its about VET. they will make it server wide. not 100 peeps. its about the new players.


Character Name Veonya
Main Character Shai
# 4

I understand what your concern is. I like the ideas of PA looking for ppl who voluntarily apply for supporters without being paid (only paid with 30days vp and 1k pearls if u're the best xD).

But this is only the begining of their supporter program. I guess PA will give more feature in future for us supporter :D


Character Name Jenniesta
Main Character Witch
# 5

I personally would love to see the SUPPORTER program succeed. Mainly so we can have a more engaging (and healthy) community.


Now I know some people would say "hey, you can do just that even without the SUPPORTER event," which is true, BUT, it is also prone to trolls. What this SUPPORTER event need is a way for the SUPPORTERS to be distinguishable from the rest on chat.


Now I know some people would also say "well, that is also prone to trolling," well that's where Pearl Abyss must come to play on "doublechecking" those in the SUPPORTER program.


What I'm trying to say is... have faith in Pearl Abyss and to each and every one of us SUPPORTERS in making this program a success.


Character Name Florentino
Main Character Archer
# 6

Well, look at the forums! better, yes?

and I have a lot of ty and of course a lot of never say ty as well.

If it is going to work, we are the one who can do it.

Thanks you my fellow friends! Whoever is trying to help. SUPPORTER or NOT. It feels nice personally.


yes, always hoping SUPPORTER Jenniesta!


Character Name Veonya
Main Character Shai
# 7

I think Jarette missed the point. Veonya is not asking to extend any event or whatnot. She is simply saying, or requesting, if PA can let everyone know that there are Supporters in game. Because new and veteran returning players, were not around when the event started/ended.


By getting a promotion/advertisement/event relating to Supporters, those people will know that there is help available.


Thanks for this idea Veonya!


Hope this clarifies.


xoxo Aura


Character Name Auraenys
Main Character Dark Knight
# 8

Yes, let's prove that it actually is possible for the SUPPORTER program to succeed.


Let's make this community a friendly and healthy one.


Character Name Florentino
Main Character Archer
# 9

GR APE, you know me so well, @AURAFYRE!


2 weeks, something positive on server chats. well, only a hand full of us.


Look at forums, guides. suggestions.

its working, can be better. but even without much help from PA, we are doing ok I guess.


Character Name Veonya
Main Character Shai
# 10

we need more pearls T_T


Character Name DyahGitarja
Main Character Shai