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So i just had this thought for a while that there is no individual ranking system in this game.

If we could have something like rbf but for 1v1 and there the matchmaking is done on the bases of your gear score. After you win your get mmr increased and this way you can still fight people with higher gear score if you have good skills. There could be some title rewards to players based on the rankings.

Second idea is now that trial characters are out they can use that only and the ranking will be fully based on your skills. But then again people those who work hard for there gear would feel a bit bad for this. As in they are taking those huge risks to increase there gs and they cant even use it to get recogination.



1. If we allow to use real gear then rankings will be based on ur gs and skill .... that will motivate people to grind and increase there gear score.

2. Use of trial characters will make the things fair for everyone but the people who are working hard toward end gear will feel bad.

So friends what are ur thoughts about this idea :D .... please do add any suggestions if u think there could be done to make a system like this! 

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How do you rank it if the game doesnt have a 1v1 / 3v3 pvp system like other games?
(Except Arena of Arsha)

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Sorry if you misunderstood this was a suggestion for implementaion of this system and how could it work. I wasnt talking about making the ranking by ourselfs.

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