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Basic Horse Training Guide
Chirelle 2019-10-01 00:46
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This is probably the most simple and interactive guide as to how anyone of you could be one of the most skilled and amazing horse trainers in the Black Desert World and as we all know, a good horse can get you to places faster and makes your gameplay even more fun!


The current game has 9 Tier of horses from Tier 1 being the most basic horse thats available through a stable keeper available in any major towns and Tier 9 being the Dream horses which have to be awakened!


I began horse training with a goal in mind, the goal being I wanted a Tier 8 horse, I wanted to make one myself by breeding and that's what kept me going so far that I see it as a potential lifeskill that everyone should give it a shot!


The most basic equipment requirement for horse training is :-


1. Rope (To capture horses, you'll need a lot of it and it can bought from any stable keeper)



2. Lump of Raw Sugar (To make it easier to catch horses, it's highly recommended to use these as it helps in accelerating the process, you can easily craft this by purchasing items from an Inn Keeper or Cook at any town and combine them to make it)



The Recipe being 10 Raw Sugar and 1 Mineral Water. also you need to heat them together in the processing window which can be accessed by pressing L


The result of heating them together :-



3. Trainer's clothes (Preferably +2 or +3, now I highly recommend buying them if you are not a very big fan of enhancing, since horses will eventually cover up the investment by 10 folds, so buying +3 and getting 20% mount exp isn't that bad for starters as you'll be switching over anyways later to Quest Reward clothes)


Now +2 or +3 prices are around 15.9million silver and 153million silver respectively, I'm not including the Manos clothes or discuss the about the mastery as I'll include that in a seperate guide, the prices of the clothes might change when this guide is out, so I apologise if the prices rise...



The above screenshot is the clothes you get when you hit Professional Trainer, you'll be using these for training once you obtain them, they can be bought from a luxury vendor as well but are equipable from Skilled 10 Training.


4. Venia Riding Attire (Optional and Only if you are serious about Training as a lifeskill, it sure is a must, it gives an additional Mount EXP 20%)



5. The Merchant Wagon (It is used to train upto 4 horses at the same time, I mostly buy this from the Market Place as I think it's better value and instead of training 1 horse at a time, you train 4 which makes sense as you actually start realising the profitability of this lifeskill)



Now that you have everything in place, it's time to go catch some horses!


My personal favourite spot has been the small area near Duvencrune which is exactly south of it, it offers good tier horses and is a must visit for any trainer, it offers a variety of Tier 4 as well as Tier 5 horses, which is pretty good as those are rarely found in other areas I've tried taming wild horses, the best wild horse to catch would be a Tier 5 Level 10



Note:- When catching a horse, RNG plays a major role but you eventually get the hang of it, the horse you capture can be a random gender with random skills and random level, no horse you catch will be beyond Tier 5 Level 10.


The above highlighted area is the the place where you would find Tier 4's and Tier 5 horses, you should go there with one of your main horses and then try to catch a horse, I'll explain how taming works.


Taming a horse is pretty simple, you get into close range of the horse, not too close or you will scare the horse away, it has to be a safe distance from where you can easily throw the rope, once at the safe distance from the horse, just equip the rope from your inventory and aim at horse and then just press the LMB and if you time it right, you'll enter a minigame where the horse will try to struggle each time you get closer to it, a minimum of 3 times is what I've seen any horse struggling while being captured. The trick is to spam spacebar as soon as the horse raises it's hooves and immediately stop once it stops struggling as it ensures a successful capture chance, once you are near the horse, try to use a minimum of 3-5 Lump of Raw Sugar as this enables the horse more easier to mount upon, if you fail at this, don't worry, you can retry the whole process again and it's not that difficult at higher levels of training, also keep in mind to equip your trainers clothes while taming wild horses, it just increases the chance slightly in my opinion, a failure would also lead to the horse inflicting some damage upon you, so carry a few HP potions as you will uneqiup your armors when you equip the trainers clothes, alternatively you can also use other items such as carrots to feed the horse but Lump of Raw Sugar is highly recommended.


Once the horse has been fed a 3-5 Sugar Lumps, try to mount it, if successful, your character will mount the horse or else the horse will attack you by raising it's hooves and run away and you can repeat the procedure again as mentioned above if you fail. After a successful capture, the mount is yours, GZ! All you gotta now do is, dismount the horse you just caught, then mount your own horse and register the horse to the stable keeper, in this case we'll consider the Duvencrune stable keeper, his name is Lior and you can register your new mount interacting with him.


Note: By killing wild horses, you'll gain negative karma, horse capture is completely RNG, I soley cannot gurantee that you will get your horse in the first try but if you keep at it, you'll eventually get it. If you fail multiple times on a particular horse, just try to catch another one, it's better to have something than return empty handed. Once you capture a wild horse, it will follow you, make sure to not run too fast or else they glitch out sometimes, which means you gotta either find them again or go catch another one, it's happened with me a few times, so be careful!


The link above is a good video which I referred to when I started out. hope it helps!


Now once you have reached the Stable Keeper, as soon as you interact with him, click on stable button and then it will notify you that you have a wild horse waiting to be registered, decide a name and Viola, you have your horse now, you can then see the skills and level of the horse you captured.


Tip: Keep the names according to the Gender as it helps when you are training them on a wagon, you can't see the gender of the horse while they are hooked onto the wagon.


The next step is fairly simple, all you gotta do, take the Wagon Registration (should be in your inventory) walk up to the Stable Keeper and register the wagon. Keep in mind that you will need additional stable slots which can be bought using your contribution points in each town or by using pearls. The Duvencrune stable offers a total of 8 stable slots which is more than required for this process, and 8 slot are achievable only after you have invested the required contribution and silver in getting the stable slots. The house Duvencrune 1 is the one you need to invest in for the additional 5 slots.


Once the wagon is registered, you need to find a path, a path in which your horses will train while you are afk, this could be during any time you'd like, I mostly afk train while I'm asleep. AFK training will level up your horses and make them ready for breeding and if you plan to use a particular horse as your main horse it will level up that horse too!


Horses have a chance of learning a new skill as they level up, the current cap is level 30 for each tier, which means if your horse doesn't learn a particular skill, the next time it levels up, it might have a chance of learning it.


It's recommended to even have +10 High Quality Merchant Wheels but for the starters, when you are actually trying to start off, this can wait but try to either buy them from the Market Place, I made mine by enhancing them, the benefit these wheels offer over the standard ones that the Wagon offers is, 6.2% Movement Speed, you'd ask why do you need Movement Speed? The reason is the faster the Wagon, the faster the horses will afk train and level up. Having better speed is also an advantage because in case you wanna reach somewhere close by, you could just take your wagon there, now the Wagon is always gonna be slow compared to a single horse, so incase you wanna reach someplace early just check in the wagon at the stable and detach one of the horse and use it to reach places quicker.


Now you need an autoloop path, here's mine to get you started, this path is good if you are training a single horse or even a Wagon, it suits both types, also when setting up your own autopath make sure the road isn't too rough, it depletes the Lifespan of the wagon quicker and also doesn't offer as much XP every few seconds, please make sure your autoloop is mostly straight without too many sharp turns as turns can reset the XP gain every few seconds.



This way you are gonna level up your horses and thats probably gonna be all the info you need to start out, remember that you can check the condition of the terrian where you train from the top right corner of the screen above the minimap, the smoother the terrian the better benefits from the +10 High Quality Merchant Wheels.



Now you would ask what do you do when you level up your horses, I do a combination of things when it comes to the fleet of horses I have, I either breed them and pray that I get a better foal or I register them at the market or I imperial them to make JIN/WON/BON crystal which I will cover up in the next guide, hope you guys found this useful, I love horse training as a lifeskill as it requires the minimum effort for the maximum returns and you learn about horse coats, different types of horses, how valuable a particular type of horse is, if you have any question ask right away, I will try to answer them to the best of my capabilities and will make another guide as to how I make a profit from horse training myself!


If I missed out something, I apologise, I'm fairly new to the game as well, thank you for all the people who have helped me so far, especially to Cr1ms0N, Woolhood and other guildmates, wouldn't be possible without you guys!


Till then queues Old Town Road, Get Busy Catching!


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