Easy Ways For New Players To Level Lifeskills
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Lifeskills are a major part of BDO, new players with not alot of resources might find it a bit hard to level them quickly. These are some of the things i did to level my lifeskills when i was new:


Gathering: Buy Empty bottles from material vendors in towns and afk gather River Water. This will not only increase your gathering level but River water can then be sold on market and is a source of good income for new players. River Water can also be filtered to make Purified Water for alchemy.


Cooking: Cook beer for your workers. You can hire a worker in Velia and assign him to a near Potato or Corn farm like Bartali farm, Loggia farm and Finto farm etc. Then use the potato or corn your workers collect to cook beer. Each beer uses 5 Potato/Corn, 1 Sugar, 2 Leavening Agent and 6 Mineral Water. Sugar, Leavening agent and Mineral Water can be cheaply bought from the cooking vendor in Velia Inn. Not only will this level your cooking you will also get byproducts which can be exchanged for cooking exp and contribution points.


Alchemy: By making Clear Liquid Reagent or Pure Powder Reagents. You can assign your workers to collect Sunrise herb and Silver Azelea from nodes. Purified water can be obtained by filtering the River water you had collected from gathering. Weed can be gathered from Bare-hand gathering.

Clear Liquid Reagent materials : 1 Sunrise Herb, 1 Purified Water, 1 Salt and 1 Weed

Pure Powder reagent: 1 Silver Azelea, 1 Purified Water, 1 Sugar and 1 Weed


Processing: You can Filter the River Water that you collected through afk gathering which will turn it into Purified Water. But the best processing exp comes from Heating cloth like Cotton and Flax. You can assign your workers to collect Cotton and Flax. Flax nodes are available near Heidel while Cotton nodes are available near Tarif in Mediah.


Farming: Buying Fences using Contribution Points and Pruning, Harvesting and Breeding crops. This might take some time but it only requires 5-10 minutes of work every 8 hours.


Training: Taming horses is the fastest way to level Training. Slow method is to afk train horses using the Auto-Loop function on your map.


Fishing: Afk fishing is the best way as it requires very little effort. If you are leveling Fishing then it's best to afk fish at an 'Abundant' spot for faster fishing speed. It is also advisable to use Balenos Fishing Rod which reduces auto fishing time.


Hunting: I will be honest here hunting is not an easy lifeskill to level and even i don't have much experience when it comes to hunting. From my understanding though doing Hunting quests is the best way to level Hunting.


If you have questions to ask about Lifeskills feel free to ask, all feedback is welcome and appreciated.


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