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Hello there! Let me ask you, do you like to enhance? Are you perhaps lazy to failstack from 0 fs?


Well today I'm going to tell you how to get advice of valks mainly on +20, +30 and even +50 for free!


- Get your character to level 55, it will trigger the Valencia Main Quest I

- You will just need around 150ap/aap and 290dp for survivality and it MAY take you awhile to finish the Valencia quests as they are quite long (for first timer)

- No need to do Valencia Main Quest II, most of the advice of valks are in Main Quest I

- Halfway of the main quest, you will need to use compass, NO NEED TO BUY COMPASS FROM PEARL SHOP (save you some money), it is better to invest on cmp compass which is about 12 mils for 3 parts and it will last for 3 days.

- Or you can do some side quests in Ibellab Oasis for 3 free cmp compass uwu

- Once the quests tell you to go find someone in Aakman, go find the node which is in between the Titium Valley and Crescent Shrine, the node is at some camp settlement. NOT THE AAKMAN INSIDE THE PORTAL (istg i went there for my valencia mq for my first time xD)


Pic below shows where the aakman node is

Aakman's Node


- For high efficiency usage on the compass, collect all of your characters which at least at level 55, do the quests for your characters until you need the compass. THEN activate the compass, you should continue the quests until it finished and you can continue the quest on your other charas. Doing the same quests until finished, recommended to tag them also for easy transport.


At the end of the Valencia Main Quest I, you will get about 4x +20 valks, 3x +30 valks and 1 +50 valks (if im not mistaken)


After you done your first time Valencia Main Quest I, it should be less time consuming for your next time as some of the knowledges or quests will be skipped automatically ^^


Thats all, I hope it helps! Especially for new players out there!

I will apologize for any mistake I made in advance in this post, correct me if I'm wrong ^w^


Thank you for reading!

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Very good tips, Faehlan. Thank you <3

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I always do this every 3 days. I'm sacrificing 1 character slot only for this purpose. I make the same class as my main (shai) so I could transfer all my equipments. After finished, delete, wait for 3 days, repeat.


I could make hundreds of millions or if not billions from the stuffs that I enhance using those advice of valks, epic.

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+30 points post.

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