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[Role-Playing]Character BG Story/Naming Convention
Florentino 2019-10-04 20:01
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Greetings, everyone. I am Ibarra, Grand Master of the Order of the <BlackSun> and I'm here to present to you the wonderful aspect of Role-Playing (This is a No ERP Zone).


In this guide, I'll aid you with creating your character's Background story. Please note that I'm in no position to say that this is the best guide out there but I'll do my best.


Let's begin.


Lore Friendly

First of all, what you must do is make it Lore Friendly. We can't have your character destroying the Fourth Wall now, do we?

Black Desert Roleplayers Forums have a great directory of the collected overall lore. You can visit their forums here.


You must understand the Lore of Black Desert Online, from each nation's history, culture, and everything in between. But of course, you don't necessarily need to know "all of it."


For example, the Valkyries, they are considered one of Calpheon's most valuable militaristic assets. They're considered to be the holy servants of Ellion. The majority of Valkyries-in-training are of noble birth, some are commoners but are looked upon unfavourably. It is strictly required for every Valkyrie, whether students or active Valkyries, to have their hair be red, dyes are also accepted.


In this example, we can't have a Valkyrie to have other hair colours besides red, though we can slightly work around this by saying her hair's natural colour is not red and is only dyed.

Ynesita Ibarra

Let's look at Ynesita Ibarra, the Valkyrie of the Ibarra family.

A Calpheon Noble that recently graduated from Calpheon’s Holy College.

Ynesita dyed her hair red in accordance with the rules to become a Valkyrie. Now free from the strict rules, she now lets her hair return to its original colour, blonde.


I made this workaround by letting only the roots of her hair blonde while the rest are the required red. I can't make a full example regarding the beauty salon but my fellow SUPPORTER Aurafyre made a great guide about the Beauty Salon, make sure to check her guide out as well. 


Naming Convention

Now I'm not saying this is a requirement but... it is... hahaha. Your character's name is just as important to have that overall feeling that your character is indeed part of the world of Black Desert Online.


The name of your character must be in line with the lore of the game, we can't have names like Noobmaster69 of the BlazeIt420 family, they'll be too out of place.


Calpheon has Romantic/Italian Roots and is compared most often to Renaissance Italy. Those type of names fits better there, though more 'common' English names can also be found there. Calpheon is, after all, the most prominent nation on the western half of the world. You can expect a variety of people to come from there.


Balenos is more Mediterranean but has Italian and Greco-Roman names.


Serendia's naming convention is more western-central Europe, with Frankish, Germanic, and English names.


Since Balenos and Serendia are "under" Calpheon "rule," lore-wise, you can safely use the naming conventions of the three countries interchangeably.


People from Mediah are compared more towards the Turkish and Middle Eastern people so you can expect their names to be of those regions.

Valencia's naming convention can be viewed as Arabic.


The Elves of Kamasylvia who are not integrated into Human society usually only have one name. While Elves born in or living in Human societies often have a first name and surname. Here, the naming convention of the Elves are more lean to fantasy, so get your creativity working! You can get some books from J. R. R. Tolkien!


The Far Eastern Kingdom of Haso (where the Lahn, Kunoichi, Ninja, and Tamer came from) has the naming convention inspired by Chinese, Korean, and Japanese cultures.


Of course, most importantly, be creative in regards to naming conventions! You don't have to strictly follow the naming conventions. This is just a guide, for reference.


I hope you enjoy this guide!


How about posting your character's background story below?

Author’s Note

Greetings, everyone!

I’m Ibarra and I’d like to thank you all for your continuous support.

I'd like to thank Pearl Abyss (SEA) for picking me as one of the top 10 Supporters for September-October.

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Character Name Florentino
Main Character Archer
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Name: Florentino Ibarra

Class: Archer
Horoscope: Treant Owl

Florentino Ibarra, Crossbow Ready.

Meet Florentino Ibarra, a Half-Human and Half-Elf, and like every one of the Ibarra Family, a Calpheon Noble.

As a Half-Human and Half-Elf, he has little understanding of his Elven heritage.

That is because he spends his entire life in Human Civilisation during his youth.

He’s a bit of a jester but knows when to be serious.

As a child, he always spends his time playing by the fields at Northern Wheat Plantation and by the shores of Port Epheria.

During his teen years he learned skill with words and a soft voice, a “politician’s tongue,” some would say. A skill that he would use in the future.

Florentino is something of a womanizer as he is always trying to find ways to woo a woman.

In all of his travels, he always has is eyes on women above all else.

An incident at Calpheon’s borders connecting Kamasylvia gave him an opportunity to acquire special gauntlets used by the Luthraghon Elves as weapons.

The right gauntlet is the Ra’ghon, with concentration, it can create a blade of light. The left gauntlet is a modified gauntlet to have a built-in crossbow.

Years went by and Florentino has been training with the crossbow and Ra’ghon that he acquired.

As a Calpheon Noble by birth, he holds some privilege in the court.

Now, the Calpheon Noble turned adventurer wants to set out on a journey to explore the world around him.

He is tasked by his cousin, Crisostomo Ibarra, to aid the Kalis Council as a special envoy of the Family.


Character Name Florentino
Main Character Archer
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Thanks for the love Ibarra! I'm getting confused how to address you, I guess when in doubt just stick with the family name.


xoxo Aura


Character Name Auraenys
Main Character Dark Knight
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Hi Ibarra!


LINK to my character background/history. So when you make that Supporter story, you can refer to that.


Character Name Auraenys
Main Character Dark Knight
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@Aura, understood, thank you very much!


@Syaoli, ohh, hahaha, thank you for informing me, I've edited the first post.


Character Name Florentino
Main Character Archer
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This is love <3


Character Name Oooz
Main Character Wizard
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wow, u have a great imagination. nice.


Character Name LordAshura
Main Character Striker
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Btw Ibarra, I am starting the continuation of my story. I think the 2nd part is where she will exhibit her magic, which will trigger the events to follow.


xoxo Aura


Character Name Auraenys
Main Character Dark Knight
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@Aura, that's great! I'll be looking forward to what will happen next.


Character Name Florentino
Main Character Archer