Central Market Pre-Order Tips for Newbies! 😉
XZekQZuneR 2019-10-06 10:29
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Edit Date : 2019-10-08

*for all the newbies recently playing this game like me, i want to share something about our beloved Central Market how it works when it comes in Pre-Ordering items..


This one excerpt from my ticket that GM Epheria answered.


GM Note: Start of a New Era - Central Market, "If all the pre-order prices are the same, then the pre-orders will be completed in a first-come, first-served basis. However, if the number of pre-orders at the maximum price range start to pile up, then the pre-orders will be completed in random order."


I hope i help some of the new player's out there thinking or asking how pre-ordering works in Central Market.


More power to all BDO SEA staff and player's



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Edit Date : 2019-10-08

wow. thanks. i never knew it. anyway, this is one of the best tips here that i saw today, other's are nonsense and just spamming the thread, i wonder what they are up too? hmmm.

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