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Guide on where to grind depending on your AP/DP
Kameera 2019-10-06 13:13
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Your results may vary depending on gear, class, buffs, and especially effort making money needs time in game and in real life and that is the sad truth:(
The money per hour here are estimates by me assuming 5 tier 1 pets on alert mode. <100 AP <Lv50: Rotating around elite monsters from Calpheon such as Energetic Fat Catfishmen, Violents at Mansha Forest, Abandoned Monastery, and Rhutum Outpost are great ways to make starting cash. Also very good if you do not have pets or have less than 4 pets. 100-149AP <Lv56: Helms (surface) up to 25mil/hr, Wandering Rogues up to 30mil/hr, Manes Hideout up to 20mil/hr, Abandoned Iron Mine up to 30mil/hr. Elite rotation around all of these areas can be very good money as well, far exceeding the normal loot amounts. 150-179AP <lv58: Bashims 18-20mil/hr, Nagas 20-ish mil/hr, Fogans 25-ish mil/hr, Sausans up to 40mil/hr (lots of weight/maids required unfortunately), Helms Cave up to 30mil/hr (should be much higher but dependent on seal prices and AFAIK they butchered some of the rotations). Can start at 140 ap if you use species damage weapon like bares or elsh. 180-209AP <lv61: Gahaz up to 40mil/hr (higher if your rotation has elites), Cadry up to 35mil/hr, Tshira Ruins approx. 25mil/hr (very CPU demanding place, some may not be able to grind there at all). this is getting long im gonna be a little sloppy now everything past this is best done with kutum tri or better assume the ap i put here is around the min to reach a baseline of 35mil/hr or so or feel not sluggish when clearing 180 tri kutum: crescents if the price of rings ever goes back up
209 tri kutum: centaurs and basilisks. centaurs is better when price of BMC is high. can also attempt sherekhans with this for high value akum gear and hoom crystals but they may be too tanky 209 tet kutum: sherekhans and pila ku. sherekhans for hoom crystals + marnis and pila ku for scrolls 220 tet kutum: can start grinding manshaums, especially if your class starts with m and ends with usa. try to get at least 2200 marks. some parties will carry you at mirumok at this ap. if they offer do it. the money and the exp will make it easier to get to 235ap in the future, especially with capotia earring. (capo ring, tri cres, tet weapons, capo ear, tri blue coral earring, tri orkinrad belt is enough to get 235ap for kinda cheapish)
235 tet kutum: can do aakman. some classes can do it before this point like around 225 tet kutum (witch/wiz/archer/lahn), some classes can attempt hystria at this point (sorc, mystic). your goal is 3k trash without loot modifiers like item scrolls but it's still worth if you only pull like 2.5k. Also mirumok is a thing at this ap if you want straight silver and some exp maybe ur not 62 yet idk. 245 tet kutum: some classes like sorc and dk and mystic have a nice time at hystria at this ap. some others need to wait until 261 or even 265 nouver to get good at hystria and some never get there and will always make more money elsewhere. aim for 1.5k trash before loot scrolls or better. 261+ tet kutum, 320+ DR based DP: new underwater place when it comes out. the high end zone, not the 230ap starter zone. due to ap scaling on summons witch/wiz/stroker have a hard time at this place no matter how much ap they get. archer needs even more dp cuz squish There's some spots you can go to in order to make silver. Always do some mild testing to make sure you can make more money from new spot than old spot before moving on to avoid inconveniencing people who would otherwise make even more at new spot. Assume for the first few hours until you have some practice in at a spot that you're at around 50-65% efficiency and will get better as you learn rotations and pulls (especially true for aakman/hystria).

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wdym by 2200 marks



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I think its a mistypho its just only 220.


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