PvE Dragon Slayer Awakening weapons, cheap & effective
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Jarette Domongatt here bringing you another quick guide for Black Desert Online.
In this Guide, we will be taking a look at how to make a Dragon Slayer Awakening Weapon.

Note: 10 to 20 minutes read. The guide will be kept short and in a form of summary. All clickable links will be colored "blue".


Table of Contents
Why Dragon Slayer?
Dragon Slayer vs Dandelion
Starting the Quest
Obtaining the Materials
Crafting Hughol's Weapon
Crafting Hessed's Crystal & Dragon Slayer
Enhancement & Repairing


Why Dragon Slayer?
You might be thinking, Dragon Slayer was introduced late in game during the Drieghan content update. And you have already a Dandelion Awakening weapon with you.
Why will I get a Dragon Slayer and what for?
The simplest answer I can give you is "back up".
Later in game when all you do is grind & enhance, its best to have Dragon Slayer as your back up. So you can enhance alternately with your Dandelion Awakening & Dragon Slayer Awakening.


Dragon Slayer vs Dandelion
There is no doubt that Dandelion is superior in AP. Dragon Slayer Awakening weapon is -1 AP behind Dandelion. But Caphras-ing Dragon Slayer should be easier compared to Dandelion.
(correct me in this) The only distinct difference in Caphras-ing it is when you caphras these weapons on PEN level. As there was a patch that Pen items needs less Caphras than TET weapons, If I remember its reduced by 25%.
Before you jump into Dandelion is better because of AP Bracket, well...
When you reached your AP Bracket, there's no significant difference.
➤ Needs 20 days to complete the Blueprint
➤ Needs 4400+ or more Black Energy Residue
➤ -1 AP Difference from Dandelion
➤ Same Enhancement difficulty on Pri to Pen
➤ Recovering durability is easier.
➤ Materials for repair is available during grinding & daily quests.
➤ You can negate the -1 AP quickly with Caphras.
➤ Good for Backup but others just use it as main Awakening Weapons.
➤ Easier to enhance from +8 to +15 (high success rate).


Starting the Quest
First and foremost, Im not sure if Hughol (the blacksmith in Duvencrune) will give you the quest if you have not completed the Drieghan Main Quest.
It is advisable that you complete Drieghan Main Quest.

➤ In Duvencrune, visit Hughol, the Blacksmith.
➤ Hughol will then give you the quest: [Repeat] Strategy to Get the Blueprint
➤ Give Hughol: x1 Beer, x5 Dark Beer & x1 High-Quality Wine (Which you can purchase from Maopan, the Food Vendor just adjacent from Hughol). You can craft Beer or just buy from Central Market Place.
➤ Do this Daily Quest approximately 20 days. And if you have completed Duvencrune Main Quest, Hughol should give you 9 Blueprints. Therefore you can do this daily quest in 11 days.


Obtaining the Materials
There are 2 ways to get the Black Energy Residue.
➤ You can obtain this item faster from hunting monsters (grinding). It is recommended that you Farm this in Naga or Fogans in Valencia.
Why? Its to help you farm Ancient Scrolls.
➤ Daily Quests in Duven Crune
Black Energy Residue Daily Quests

➤ An unnamed soldier will give you the quest: Runaway Soldier
He can be found behind the Skill Instructor in Duvencrune.

➤ Then go to Marak Farm (east of Duvencrune), there's a detachment there in the crossroad. Talk to the Soldiers there to get your Daily Quest.

➤ On the stairway, 2nd floor there is another unnamed soldier that will give you the quest: Quartermaster in the Battlefield.
➤ Then go down and there should be 2 more quest waiting.

➤ Take both quests: A moment in time & Desire for Revenge
➤ Now go to Night Crow Post (you can auto path to Node Manager).
➤ Talk to Node Manager Myra and get the quest: Enormous Bloodwolf & Wipeout the bloodwolf.
➤ Then, go up from Node Manager. There is an unnamed soldier that is waving torches as signal or something.

➤ Talk to that soldier and take the quest: Signal of the Beacon tower
➤ Go back to Node Manager Myra to complete the quest above.
➤ Then, go down to the east from Myra.

➤ Take all the quests from all 4 NPC.
Kagtum's Faith & Before gaining strength from the Operations Officer.
Defeat Main Forces from the Soldier below Operations Officer.
Battle of the Canyon from Deputy Commander Medro.
Lastly, take the quest from the paranoid soldier: Not up for a fight.

Note: There are still available quests in Sherekhan ruins but its not recommended as the quest requires you to defeat monsters at night time (in game). So let's just stick with these easier quests and continue to grind for Black Energy Residue.


Crafting Hughol's Weapon
We are now at the stage that we should begin Crafting for Hughol's Weapon. After completing all the blueprint requirements (x20).
➤ In Duvencrune, open your map and rent House: Duvencrune #5
➤ That is the only house in Duvencrune that allows you to craft Hughol's Weapon & refine black energy residue.
Note: There are 2 ways to obtain the materials in order to craft Hughol's Weapon. In this guide's version, I will only talk about obtaining the materials through central marketplace to save you time.
➤ Purchase the following items from Central marketplace.
290,000 Silvers - x100 Ferocious Leather
330,000 Silvers - x75 Mystical Cleaning Oil
460,000 Silvers - x150 Abyssal Brass Ingot
➤ Put all materials in your Duvencrune storage.
➤ Then Craft the weapon of your choice.


Crafting Hessed's Crystal & Dragon Slayer
Now that we have our 4,400 Black Enery Residue. It is time to craft it into Refined Black Energy Residue.
x25 Black Energy Residue will be crafted into x1 Refined Black Energy Residue.
And we need x11 Refined Black Energy Residue to craft x1Hesed's Crystal.

And so we need x16 Hesed's Crystal to fully craft x1 Dragon Slayer Weapon.

➤ Crafting Dragon Slayer Awakening weapon should not take longer than 10 minutes.
➤ Crafting Refined Black Energy Residue should not take longer than 5 minutes.


Enhancement & Repairing
Like previously stated, +8 to +15 is easier for Dragon Slayer as it has high chances of success.
Proof here, thanks to user riccardol0 on Reddit.
Going Pri to Pen should have almost the same success rate as Dandelion.

➤ Repairing Dragon Slayer is where it shines as the repair material needed is Refined Black Energy Residue.
x1 Refined Black Energy Residue can recover 5 Durability. 20 Durability if you use it with Artisan's.
So, x5 Refined Black Energy Residue + x5 Artisans can already fully recover the durability of your Dragon Slayer.


Caphras'ed  Dragon Slayer.

While you're working on your Dandelion or you're at the stage of Pen'ing your Dandelion, there's no doubt that Dragon Slayer is a must have back up.
And the daily quest can be finished in an hour or two.

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