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"The Fish is the Culprit, Queeek!" Quest is BAD
PrawiLucia 2019-10-18 22:31
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Months ago when I started playing BDO, I took this ocean quest. I go to Port Ratt until I stuck in "The Fish is the Culprit, Queeek!" quest. In that quest I have to catch Blackfin Sea Perch. 3 days fishing, nothing. I got frustated than go back to mainland. I was thinking maybe my fishing skill wasn't good enough.


Fastforward to now... With professional 9 in fishing level, I tried my luck again in this quest and go to Juur Sea to catch that bloody fish. 2 bloody days fishing and still haven't catch that stupid fish!!


This quest is just one of the worst in the game. Very BAD design. Not fun. It ruins the whole enjoyment of playing the game for me. It gives frustation, not entertainment. This is just one example of so many "not fun" quest lines (hello shovelling in the desert..). No wonder so many people left the game. The RNG s*cks and the rewards are not worth it.


As of writing this post, I haven't catch Blackfin Sea Perch. So, for new players, beware of this ocean questline. Skip it or get ready for frustation.


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Hmm, I would like to share a similar experience from me. Your post reminds me of the quest "[Daily] Small Worry of a Castaway" (, where I couldn't catch Maomao from fishing, then after that I read about people saying that you need to catch it by using harpoon, but I haven't tried that.


And I also couldn't complete the quest "Underwater Cave Exploration" ( I already dive into the underwater cave, found a chest inside, but there was no way for me to interact with the chest, as you can see from the screenshot below (no interact or open (R) poped up, but a couple of red crosshairs showed up instead) :


So, you are not alone here. I guess all player will encountered the same thing like you and me here at some point in the game, but alas, nothing is perfect. Yes, it is demotivating with the RNG in some part of the game, or with the bugs, but let's just hope that PA will do something about these soon. In the meantime, let's try to enjoy the other aspect of the game that is already good.




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