[Node War Series] Join TIER1 NODE WARS. #Final
Jarette 2019-10-23 21:41
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Jarette Domongatt here bringing you the final guide on Node War Series.

So, you might be wondering, why am I doing this?
This is to encourage you to join Node wars frequently.
It has its own benefits, not only in PvP but also Medal of Honor.
Which you can use to exchange in various items, even boss gears!

Node War Series List
Guide to better War Elephants
A Better node war guide
Be a pro cannoneer
Sniping a fort for fun  this guide is not mine but its better to include it here


Note: In this article I will talk briefly about Trina Axes & Trina Matchlocks.
Then move on to categorizing on what you should do during node war and how you will engage your enemies.
Im not good and explaining things and may use words poorly so I apologize in advance and I hope you'll understand the context of this article.
Note: This article will be biased against other Tiers of Node War. As I dont see any benefits in them as of this moment except for doing Sieges. And I will state my opinion why.


Table of Contents
Play in Tier 1 Node Wars
Trina Matchlocks & Trina Axes
For Guild Master: Preparations
For Guild Officers, Quartermasters & General members: Preparations
Your job as a shotcaller
Your Job as a Flanker
Your Job as the Main Team member
Finishing the job, winning the war.


Play in Tier1 Nodewars
Why would we play in Tier 1?
- Everyone will have the same stats (AP & DP)
- Fair PvP across all Brackets.
- Elephants, Cannons, Hwacha & Flame Tower are a must.
- If you're Hard Cap, you wont like this zone.
- Elephants, Cannons, Hwacha, Flame Tower & Doom Horse is Over powered.

Now, if you're hard cap Im sure you are asking yourself.
Why will I play Tier 1, whats my gear for?

My answer to you will be simple, "Its up to you.". Really, thats it.
Its up to you if you play Tier 1 or go Higher Tiers.
But know this, Tier 1 has more PvP Fun than any other Tiers due to the fact that its capped and everyone can enjoy.
Even the new players can kill hardcore veterans.
Tier 1 has less Snipe guilds as per experienced compared to Tier 3 & Tier 4's.

So, your next question is: MY GEAR, what about my gear?!?
If you are planning to siege, then you have 2 options.
1. Join a siege guild as a mercenary.
2. Join an alliance with a siege guild.

Option #2 is ok, you can have your Tier 1 Guild and enjoy Tier 1 Node war while your mother guild can go get Tier 3 for Siege Requirement.
Trina Matchlocks & Trina Axes
I will not go into details on how to make this as guides on making these items are freely available in Crafting Notes.
For further intructions, please read this guide.

Trina Matchlocks
- Good for knocking down horse riders & Elephant Riders.
- Has reload time, may cause your untimely death during war.
- Needs bullets (last time Ive used this one, needs the lead bullet that you have to craft too.)
- Recommendations: Optional , Situational
Trina Axes
- Good for destroying annexes (all of them)
- Has forward guard.
- Cant use skills but you can dodge roll.
- 100 durability easily consumed.
- Recommendations: A MUST HAVE (at least III/IV). Bring Backup.
For Guild Masters: Preparations

As a Guild Master of a Siege Guild, What Im doing differs from other Guild Master that is also doing Node Wars and Sieges. So this guide IS NOT APPLICABLE TO EVERYONE but will give you an insight that its possible to do things here & there.

I will be mainly focusing on what I do during war and its up to you to change it or adopt it and incorporate it into your strategy.

Before the War Starts
Planning ahead. Im listing all the available nodes for the next day and have it "polled" in our discord server.
Whichever node gets the higher vote, we will place it there.
Of course, before placing our builders will also check the balance of Maximum Participants vs The Number of people going to participate.
We have a discord bot that takes attendance to do this and what we're doing is just see the numbers and place the forts later.

This is why Discord is Mandatory in Peenoise, since I want to hear everyone's opinion in this matter.

Now that you've picked your Node from the Poll Result.
Relay this information to your builders (Fort builders).

They will be the one who will find spot and build your base.

Pledge of Blood
Stock a lot of Pledge of Blood. With the recent update you are not allowed to purchase more than 100 stacks. Honestly, this ninja nerf is kinda idiotic because during war you will have hard time in purchasing this item.

Guild Buff
At the start of Node War, quickly Buff the Node War related Guild Buff. To give you few minutes advantage to push and will have its cool down reset after 30 minutes and will be ready to reuse.

Your Role during War
This varies from situation to situation & Player to Player.
My job during war involves Backline support & Logistics.
Logistics by means of: Flags, Scouts & Refilling Annexes.
Yours can be different but that's just me.

Guild  Officer, Quartermaster & General Members: Preparation
For everyone else that will join the War, there are few things you must prepare.
- Upon teleporting to your home base, quickly start all annexes (Elephant, Flags).
- Upon teleporting to your home base, quickly refill the Hwacha & Flame tower.
- Upon teleporting to your home base, quickly upgrade your barracades.
Do not wait for anyone to do this, do the initiative.
Everyone participating
- Before Teleporting or After Teleporting; purchase 12 stun traps & 3 elephant traps.
- Place those traps within your base's range or just outside the barracade.
Your job as a shotcaller
Your job as a shotcaller is to (in particular order):
Create impromptu roles and call out those names to let them know of their roles.
- Create a Flanker Team
- Create a Main Team
- Create a Def Team If your guild does not have one.
The purpose of this is because every day members participating node wars differs, except those who are enthusiastic about pvp and is not busy. Therefore, assigning these roles during war is good compared to using pre-created roles with pre-created member lists.
If you have more than 2 enemies, asses the situation and attack closest to your base.
If you have 3 enemies, 4 forts built including yours. You can set-up an temporary alliance and go 2v2.
- Of course this will not always happen as everyone has their own interest.
- And in most cases, the guild which has the highest threat in that "node" will be ganged by other participating guilds. If this happens to you, dont mind. It just means they are more afraid of your Guild than the other guilds participating the current war.

Your Job as a Flanker
Generally Flankers are grouped together with other Veteran in PvP. Their main job is to pick a quick kill on the enemies backline or strugglers.

Your second Job is to protect the base.
Usually there are 5-10 Flankers and 5 of them will go back to the base and support the defense team.
While the remaining 5 will continue on picking the enemies unsuspecting backline.

Your Job as the Main Team member
Just listen to your shotcaller. Period.
Finishing the job, winning the war.
When the fight is almost over, prepare your Trina Axes. This will greatly help in destroying annexes and quickly destroys Enemy forts.
Remember; Forechops & Charge Skills from Elephants & Horses do no damage when the fort is at 50%.
This is why Trina Axes is vital during Node Wars & Conquest.

As I said, listen to your shotcaller as he has plans in mind while the match is nearing end.

Also put in mind that while Trina Axe is equiped you are vulnerable. You cannot heal or use a skill but you have forward guard when you use your axe (rmb or lmb?).

Ask for heal rotations while you are equiping the axes to add more survivability while hitting the enemy's annexes.


Do you like what you read?
Are there questions you want to ask?
Join the biggest Philippines Black Desert Online Facebook Community!
As I dont frequently check the official forum.

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Character Name Jarette
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# 2

Here I tell you why this is wrong:

  1. Yes true, they cap the sheet AP and DP, however, the hidden AP still exist. People with 271AP still get the benefits of the AP bracket and people with 300DP still get the benefit of the DP bracket.


  1. Above softcap players still roll in this nodewar and bully everyone. They can min/maxing their AP/DP to follow the cap and push more Human AP and all species AP to their gear.


  1. The cap is still not enough to help new players who are below 230AP. They cap it at 230AP which is kinda high for new players to reach.


  1. There's no such thing as Balance PVP in BDO unless all of them run trial character in battle arena.



Character Name Aziemone
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# 3

Disagreed, everything is capped. Period. Even evasion is capped.

As per experienced as well as relevants posts from people on other regions.

Also, Doom horse was nerfed and your AP will now not scale with Doom & Skill AP will also not scale while riding horses on Tier1 Node Wars.


Character Name Jarette
Main Character Sorceress
# 4



Character Name Veonya
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# 5

For new guilds that wanted to try out node wars - starting with Tier 1, this is a very nice guide to refer on. <3


Character Name Rozenelle
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# 6

Many new guilds and new players now.

and with the FREE TRI gears, most can join the T1.


May this guide help them.



Character Name Veonya
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# 7

A great guide from one of the original players that played Black Desert SEA during day 1 of the release.

To all the new guilds that want to do Node Wars, this is your get-go guide.


Character Name Florentino
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# 8

GoodFeed together in Season 03??


Hope we have BOTH SUPPORTER LeonClan and Domongatt


Character Name Veonya
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