600% EXP BUFF Every 3 Days!!
Lotys 2019-10-31 21:59
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Edit Date : 2019-10-31

So a lot of you are probably aware of this already but I'll keep posting it anyway.


Now daily exp buff changed, instead of getting immidieate buffs, now you'll get scrolls. Which mean you can keep those buffs for another day if you decided to take a day off from grinding. Not just that. If you combined 6 of 100% Combat exp buffs or 3 of 200% Exp buffs, you'll get 600% EXP BUFF!! And it's stackable with other buffs, including 530% J Scroll buff. Same goes for skill exp buff (you'll get 90% skill exp buff if combined)



Just use simple alchemy to combine

Good luck on your grind!


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