Lets talk about the new changes
DeathxQueen 2019-11-03 02:40
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Hi this is Excalibar.Haven't been able to post any guide or tips for sometime been testing out the new ocean update.Well for now what i can say about the major changes,


Major Changes you must check:

1)Guild quest payment increase.

2)New grinding zone for ships in sea of silence.

3)Sea monster hunt loots nerffed.



Guild Quest Payment:

                                 Well if you haven't noticed yet as the sea monster hunting got a bit nerffed the quests that are related to kill sea monster have increase loot  or may say it got doubled so you can earn a lot of extra silver doing guild quests now and even sea content related quest will give a extra item which will help your guild to summon Khan guild boss.


Sea grinding Zone:

                       Sea of silence is a new grinding zone where cursed pirate ship and the trashloot cost is 20,000 silver. It is indeed a nice spot to do canon practice as well as few good drop such as verdant stone,manos stone and black stones as well.


Sea monster hunt loots nerffed: 

                                                 Well it is sad indeed the guild monster neidan which was 100,000 silver is no longer obtainable directly from sea monsters.Instead there will be a green neidan drop which cost 10,000 silver and can be sold directly to the npc's or turn 10 of them into 100,000 guild monster neidan.Well even after killing a few candidum i can say that you will get around 2 guild neidan per candidum so its not really efficient at all but the 100m drop still remains same chance to get.One must upgrade their boat to do better sea monster hunts cause ramming sea monster will cost your boat health per successful charge hits.So, it would be better if you upgrade your ship now and start hunting as to get to tier 2 you need to do bartering and daily quests at oquilla.



              Well there are still few people who stopped doing any sea related works after the sea monster nerf but this bartering is indeed a game changer.One can earn huge amount of silver doing bartering even upgrade their ship really fast so you can enjoy the upcoming Naval war *cough *cough . So, to enjoy that upcoming contents get your ship ready and its a big suggestion for those who are going to start bartering would suggest you start doing it with a sailboat as the more weight you have the more easily you can do bartering as each items have weight which starts from 800,900,1000,2000 so to carry these heavy weighted items you need more weights. Its true that with sailboat the traveling is really fast and you can do bartering easily but still once you have upgraded sailboats or more higher tier you will feel the ease doing bartering.


A few suggestions how to do atleast 2.5items full rotation trading within 4hours

Always get all the lvl1 items together and focus on the next tier trade and check route gets one of those lvl1 item easily trade to lvl2-3.Then get all the lvl2 items your ship will get a little slow depends on how much weight it can carry.After trading to lvl2 save the rest to your nearby city storage.try to focus trades nearby illiya island it will make it easy for you to trade and get back to save the mats before going for another trade.Note: Always try to keep 2 of the lvl2 items in order to get ship upgrade materials as with normal trades there will be special ship upgrade materials with can be obtained with the level 2 barter trade material.After successful lvl2 trades done get ready to save other materials in a storage and focus on completing one trade so it will be faster and your ship wont be heavy.Finish trades 1 by 1 and save atleast 3 of the lvl5 item or 5mil cost item in order to trade them for high silver in random sea coin trade or special barter trade.

Its based on how much you will do bartering things will start to look different for you as after doing few trades there will be special barter available for expensive trades or high sea coin trade.One can buy KHAN's heart from crows nest using the sea coins and alot more stuffs.Whatever you do don't collect everything at once and make your ship heavy cause it will consume a lot of time for traveling and your bartering will be slower you might even miss the chance to finish other  remaining barters.

One more thing,always try to check the old moon carrack trade cause it will trade materials at a very cheap price so you can obtain your Epheria Caravel and Epheria Galleass upgrade fast and easily or its going to be a pretty hard part unless you have nodes and workers to gather the mats such as acacia sap,elder tree sap,white cedar tree sap etc.Its better if you observe the common trades from old moon carrack and based on that keep an extra character there to keep on doing the trade.


Well what i can say is bartering is really fun as you can do it along with your friends traveling in the ocean and get to see more sailors who are on the bartering adventure such as you and share their great experience in bartering.Feel free to write down any comment if you want to know anything i am here and will always be there to help you guys.


Excalibar signing out <3


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