How to Make Your Horse VERY FAST!!(Must have Item)
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Breeding and sniping horse market sometimes can be annoying. Especially if we already have a desired horse with decent skillset. But the speed stat is somehow just to low. Recently updated MANOS RIDING CROP might be a good solution for you. In fact this is a must have item for everyone, even if you're not horse trainer. Or if your horse is already fast enough, you'll still find this useful because manos riding crop increase your auto-run max speed. Now auto-run can (almost) have a speed like you are manually control the horse. Check this out:

The price for this is around 100 million silvers. You can either pre-order or make one by yourself.

If you wanna make one by yourself, you'll need these:

-Manos Stone x5 -> Buy from Jeweler NPC, 5 million each

-Krogdalo Origin Stone x1 -> Just get it straight from market, less than 5 million silvers at the moment 

-Magical Shard x50 -> You need to heat Black magic crystals (yellow-grade). You'll get 1 or 2 (very low rate) every heat if you are lucky (price range 1.5 million-2.5 million each crystal)

-Supreme Hard Hide x15 ->Order from market or make one by yourself (you'll need shaking:skilled knowledge, to get one, reach Artisan Processing). Worth around 690k silvers each.


After you get those ingredients, use manufacturing processing (press L) and ta-da!

Equip the manos riding crop. It will take your lifeskill gear slot.


Your horse will be fast and everyone is happy.


Take a note that the buff only applies when you have 100 durability, so be careful when enhancing. Although, you don't have to enhance the crop since the max speed won't scale.



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To be clear on the description "Max Mount Speed +20%" . It's only apply on easy ride (Just pressing W) without any skill involve. You can test it from point A to point B with and without Manos Crop or any other grade crop and notice you arrive at almost same time when using horse skills ( IA/Sprint/Drift)

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Thanks for appointing that.

The patch note says something like that as well.


Well, it's designed for horse trainer anyway, although I still find this useful because I use auto-run alot.

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Some new Guides pls, Affig

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