[SUPPORTER] Ibarra's 30 days as a SUPPORTER
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In line with Auraenys's suggestion, as per Veonya's post regarding the 30 days as a supporter, a great suggestion and post, by the way.


Greetings, Ibarra here. I am a returnee veteran (redundant?), I just got back around late February, just in time before the release of the Lahn on BDO SEA.


On the 9th of September 2019, Pearl Abyss announced the [Event] Recruiting Black Desert Supporters.

Broke as I am, the 30 Days value pack and the 1k pearls as rewards are like music to my ears. So I applied, not expecting much.


On the 18th of September 2019, Pearl Abyss posted the [Winner Announcement] Black Desert Supporters Selection Announcement. I'm quite surprised by the result. I didn't expect to be picked as one of the Black Desert Supporters.


As I saw my name on that list, I began asking myself, "what does a SUPPORTER do actually?" Luckily enough, Pearl Abyss explains just that.


A Supporter is like a Guide, to help other Adventurers in-game and/or on the website through a variety of ways.


For example: Create guides for classes and life skills, help out new/returning Adventurers in-game, draw a Black Desert comic, etc. 

But even with the brief explanation, I still don't know how to become a SUPPORTER. I even sent several tickets to Pearl Abyss regarding my inquiries. And just like that, they've answered my questions and I now understand... I think...


When I applied for the Black Desert Supporters, I stated that my support goal is to share my stories (through the eyes of my characters), as to why I love the game and why even after my hiatus, Black Desert Online is the only game I went back to.


Without further ado, this is my 30 days as a Black Desert Supporter.


Pearl Abyss mentioned that a Supporter "Create guides for classes and life skills, help out new/returning Adventurers in-game, draw a Black Desert comic, etc. "


I'm not good at making guides, and I'm also not good at drawing, but I do love writing. I'm a writer (of the sort, hahaha), I love reading, and I love writing.


I asked Pearl Abyss about the activities of a supporter for the event because I stated that creating guides is not my strong suit, I said I'll let my peers, my fellow supporters on making guides, I also mentioned that I'm not good at drawing so I'll refrain on that as well. I said that I'm interested in the "etc" and asked if writing stories can count as activity for the event. Fortunately enough, they kindly replied that writing stories can be a way for me to participate in the event.


So for the weeks that followed, I posted my stories at the General Discussion Board and posted some of my GMV at the Gallery's Video Board. I occasionally help out other adventurers in-game and I also try my best on answering questions at the forums while my knowledge of the game permits me. You can also view all of my posts here at my profile.

Sometime after the announcement of the 1st selection, my fellow BDO Supporter Auraenys proposed an in-game meet up during the weekends, and through that meetup, I've met the other supporters that I call my friends.


I love the Black Desert Supporter program and I believe this is a great addition to the community. But of course, this is not without a few flaws, as stated by Toffee, it's true, there's no other information regarding this program because it's only available here at SEA (for now at least), and we have to do things from scratch, not knowing if what we're doing is right or wrong.


To the GM

Please add some features in-game so that supporters are identifiable easily just like here at the forums. The current "SUPPORTER" title is not easy to spot.


A Discord server with the GM's there as well. First of all, some might disagree, but note this, yes this is possible, Kakao Games have their official discord server for Black Desert Online NA/EU. Who said that it's not possible? It's only a matter of time when Pearl Abyss did the same for Black Desert Online SEA. The GM's there are interacting with the other members, not necessarily only during events. Those who say otherwise either don't know about Kakao Game's official discord or aware but didn't join the server. Still, don't believe me? Join their discord server and see for yourself. More work for the GM? You know that the GM's are not the only ones working at Pearl Abyss, right? Still don’t agree with me? How about offering your insights as to how this can be possible, provide an alternative, don’t just shut down on other people’s ideas. Have experienced such a thing? Still saying it's not possible? Still trying to shut down the idea? Use that experience to make it easier, make it possible, and or provide an alternative rather than shutting down the idea all entirely. UPDATE (14th of November 2019): Just so you know, Black Desert Mobile released their discord server as of todayUPDATE (22nd of July 2020): S U C K ! ! I T ! ! ! WE FINALLY HAVE AN OFFICIAL DISCORD SERVER!!


To my fellow SUPPORTERS and fellow players (Adventurers)

First and foremost, I thank you all for your hard work, it has been a tough road indeed. We all did what we believe is right to make a better BDO community.


Many of you have experience in this kind of work, let's use that experience to good use for the better of the community. Help each other out, encourage one another and not just looking down on others.


We may have our ups and downs, and especially our differences, we all just have to believe we can and work hard to achieve it. Making it possible is an arduous task, I know, but I believe that we can make this work, that we can make this possible.


I'm looking forward to being working with you guys again.


Let's work hard again for a better BDO community.


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The most IMPORTANT SUPPORT I needed as a Supporter was the Support of a fellow supporter. Sounds cheezy?


The journey been very tough. It helps me knowing our group are all going thru the same journey. The trip wasn't so hard thereafter.


Well, its now 60 days, we are beginning to get some support even from friends on server chats.



here's my little stolen idea from aura! LOL


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When things were harder but some wanted to make a diffrence.


Character Name Veonya
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