Fire Locking for Volley ships
Amornica 2019-11-08 22:10
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Edit Date : 2019-11-08

Currently, if you accidentally clicked your mouse buttons, you may fire your cannons unintentionally. This also happens when, for example, your game screen is windowed and you were clicking back into the game while BDO was not an active window. 


Therefore, my suggestion is to implement a trigger safety feature. If you wish to lock your cannons from firing, you simply enable it (maybe a checkbox right next to the cannon status); and this will prevent your ship from firing by accident. 

Character Name Amornica
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Edit Date : 2019-11-12

Good idea!

Character Name ArwenEvenstar
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Edit Date : 2019-11-12

This can be a tick box feature when you're on the wheel of your ship, same as the "Do Not Ride Other Ships" when you are fishing.


Hope the GMs notice this simple, but useful suggestion.


xoxo Aura

Character Name Auraenys
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