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More In-Depth Camera Options
Snowlion 2019-11-09 09:40
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Hi! As the post name suggests, maybe the camera mode of the game could use additional options. Currently, the camera mode only caters to taking pictures. I feel it would be better if the mode could be made easier for taking story-telling movies, too. I've thought about this before, but in light of the new event, maybe this could be useful for people who like to make videos, especially with how beautiful and cinematic the Black Desert world is!


Emotes in Camera Mode:

A part of an emote's animation would be cut since the player has to choose an animation before switching to Camera Mode. I think it would be more convenient if players are able to capture an animation completely for them to have more choices which part of an animation they want to use, or if they want to study which angle they would like to take a scene from. I think this would also be helpful for low-spec players who still want to make the best out of this given feature.

Longer Wait Time for Idle Animation:

When you find the perfect angle, and are about to take the perfect shot, but your character randomly decides to stretch. It can be a bit tilting, especially since some shots are more complex to do than others. Players have to set up the shot from the very beginning! Perhaps it would be better if characters have a longer duration for standby/emotes before the idles kick in. 


Toggle Slow Motion:

Having to try and catch a point in an animation only to have them speed up right when you catch the perfect pose is frustrating. Instead of having a set time for slow motion, maybe have a key to activate and deactivate this feature. Like above, this gives players more chances to study the animation, what part of it is best, and which angle to take them from. This also helps players who want higher frame rates on their takes!


Toggle Camera/Character Tracking:

An option/key to toggle for the camera to stay put while your character does attack moves or emotes. Good for players who would like to delve deep into cinematics and story-telling!

Camera Position Saving:

This is good for angle studies, or multiple takes of a certain animation, or setting up for a good transition for a scene. It would be better if the player had more than one option for a saved camera position.

Camera Transitioning:

 When manually moving the cameras with a mouse, a small wrong move can ruin a whole take. This feature will automatically be there when the player moves from the saved Camera Position A to Camera Position B, then C, and so on and so forth. 


Smoother Camera Transition Options:
As it suggests, maybe an option for smoother camera transition movements, such as whether the camera will move from Camera A to Camera B fast or slow, or whether the camera slows down or speeds up as it approaches Camera C to Camera D.


These are all that I can think of at the moment. Thank you! 


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Yes, yes, yes! God, I wish these would be applied in-game.


Great suggestion!


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Wow, great ideas, Snowlion!


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@Florentino thank you! I've always been a fan of creative videos made from games, and I hope to see and create ones from Black Desert because I feel that the potential of the world is endless.


@ArwenEvenstar thank you! I hope PA sees this and takes it into consideration.


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I agree on this!


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