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Enable "Social Actions" to Quick slots
Supporter 2019-11-09 10:54
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If we could put/equip our social actions that we have to a quick slot, it would make our conversations or interactions with other people better and would help express ourselves better in a much more exciting way than just opening/typing social actions manually and having to navigate for the action that you want making it harder to find. By doing this we can pick our favorite actions and map them to quick slots to make it easier for us players, (assuming you actually have vacant quick slots available :3). Anyway this is just me wanting to make it easier for my character to strike a pose. Seeya in-game~



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# 2

Super agree to this!


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I would actually like this, i used to play other mmo that can map gestures like DN, flyff, etc and i loved that feature


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This is a great suggestion Supporter! As a workaround, you can type certain words for your character to do a social intertaction. In the photo below, I bound 1 of my most used interactions to capital letter ( I ). I also have another 1 bound to ( ty ). So even if we cant put them in quickslot, we can still easily use the interactions, like they were on a quickslot (bound to letters).


I also think that this is better for character self expression as the character does the actions whenever you type certain words, not having to click on another button.


What I would suggest though, referring to a similar post about social interactions, is to have a "dance" action.


xoxo Aura


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# 6

Agree with you, Supporter! Can put social actions to quick slot in addition to the current keyword or letter bound would be a good addition, so players can choose their own preference.


And agree with Aura too, having a dance action would be awesome, haha!


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