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Cliff Weapon Quest
Maezter 2019-11-10 23:24
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I'm a returning player whose last login was a year ago. I played again after a while and saw this update for returning adventurers about +15 Cliff Weapons from The NPC Cliff


I can't accept the quest as the quest itself wont trigger I've done all the main quests up until the one where I need to travel to Mediah.


Im confused as I thought completing the main quest would enable me to do it. Help


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Hello Maezter, I would just like to inform you that each account can only finish 3 Cliff Weapon Quests as of the moment. If you have already finished all 3 Cliff Weapon Quests before the event was updated during the release of Lahn then you are no longer eligible to obtain the quests.


If this is not the case for your account, please send us a ticket using this LINK so that our team can assist you further.


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