How to Wizard: 101 [UPDATED: Awakening Wizards]
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Edit Date : 2020-01-31
Yahallo! Welcome to "Aard's Ultimate Wizard Guide" for those looking to push their understanding of their character to the next level~
This guide is based on my personal experiences as a Wizard.
I've been playing Wiz for 2 years now and I think it's time for me to give back to the community. 
[UPDATE: New Buffs for Wizard in the recent January 2020 Patch]

I'm not the best Wizard, obviously. I'm also not the most geared Wizard.
Just someone who wants to share his knowledge after playing this game for so long

Table of Contents: 
-PvP Builds
-How to PvP
-Understanding CC
You will need the following to be "good or decent" at PvP:
1. A complete understanding of your own skills.
This means you need to know EXACTLY what skills do what and how other skills can interact with it.
For example: Doing a knockdown, bound, grab, anything that will make your opponent lay on the ground can be
followed with a down attack to deal extra damage.
2. A decent understanding of your cooldowns.
It's best to keep the CDs of your skills near the center of the screen so that you can easily keep track of them.
3. A decent understanding of the other classes and how they fight.
Watch PvP montages online or create trial characters to understand other classes.
It's good to know how everyone else fights so you can adapt to their skills.
4. Good gear.
We all know this haha
You don't have to be "super-geared" to be good at PvP, I've met plenty of
players who can demolish geared players just with their skills alone.
However, you will still need enough AP to at least scratch your enemy lmao.
5. Be aware of how your guard works.
You can see the guard beside your name when you get attacked.
Watch out for this since it runs out of durability. 
How do I build for PvP?
all example builds will be in soft-cap since that's the current average standard. TET Armours/Weapons with TRI Yellow Accessories
For starters, depending on the class I'm facing, I use different builds.
If I'm against a burst class like Sorc, Ninja, Kuno, Maewha etc.
I'll use a "DP-Evasion build" to avoid "getting one-combo'd"
This gives me enough defense to survive their attacks and go straight for a counter.
[You can bump up your ap to 209 if you complete the adventure logs for that AP bracket]
If I'm against classes like warrior, valk, mystic, striker, etc.
I'll use an "AP build" so I can do more damage and be more aggressive.
I try to be as overwhelming as possible when I'm against tanky classes so they don't
have the chance to set up a combo. Tho, it depends on the opponent.
Enemy AP build means I'll go DP-Eva build, vice versa.
Wizard Skills
There has been a lot of changes with our skills, we're pretty viable now in terms of 1v1 combat.
You should also hotkey certain skills to your keyboard.
This is the setup that I use

F1 - Fire Golem
F2 - Water Babe
F3 - Lighthouse 
F4 - Speed Spell
TAB - Freeze
~ - MMA 
1 - Fireball 
2 - Water Sphere
3 - Healing Aura
4 - Healing Lighthouse
5 - Sage's Light
6 - Sage's Memory

Front-button - HP Pots
Back-button - either Mana Pots or Frigid Fog or Fireball Explosion
Pre-awakening skills that should be on Absolute:
1. MMA
2. Fireball and Explosion
3. Lightning and Residue
4. Meteor

Everything should be maxed out except for these skills. (Keep them at level 1)
you only need these skills for CC or SA-chains

1. Chain lightning/Lightning Storm
2. Freeze/Frigid Fog
3. Earthquake
For Rabam, I would suggest that you take Rabam Heal instead of the Rabam Fireball.
It's way more useful since you can heal your allies instantly with that skill,
it's also a good clutch heal when you're in PvP.
It's good to remember that Hellfire now has Frontal Guard and Charge, so be mindful when using that to "bait" enemies into combos.
Wizard Combos
I'll tier these out to easy, medium, and hard.
These are some of the combos I personally use in PvP.
There are so many other combos out there including animation-canceling combos that are hard to explain here in-text. 
1. Preawakened Combo Easy Level
This one is for Wizards who don't have a lot of awakening skills yet
but you still have a lot of skill-points for pre-awakening.
Sages Memory > Meteor Shower > Fireball > Explosion > MMA
this can be a way to reduce the enemy block so you can go in for a closer combo
or it can be a way to catch them off-guard and get in for an easy kill if the CC lands
2. Awakening Standard Combo Easy Level
This one is the standard awakening combo that Wizards usually start out with.
Plenty of YouTube guides also point to focusing on this combo first because it's very easy to do.
Water Sphere > Hellfire > Grab > Cataclysm > Aqua Jail
due to the recent changes in AquaJail, it's really good to use right after Cataclysm due to the debuffs
3. Pinpoint~Grab combo Medium Level
Start from really far away and then use double teleport to go in front exactly where the enemy is.
It has to be as accurate as possible.
Ultimate: Teleport > Flame Knot > Ritardando > Cataclysm > AquaJail
4. Electrolysis?? Combo Medium Level (nice naming skills boi)
This one uses water and electricity to CC and to debuff the enemy. They will be MASSIVELY slowed down.
Lightning > Residual Lightning > S+C Awakening Switch Teleport > Ritardando > Water Sphere > Flow: Aqua Bomb > Aqua Jail
using Speed Spell makes the combo easier to do
5. 3 way dash combo Hard Level
Start near the enemy and use double teleport to confuse the opponent,
try to land behind them for a blindspot attack and then use Hellfire to dash in to stun and start the combo,
then use teleport again to catch up to the enemy when they escape.
first phase Ultimate: Teleport> Hellfire > Ritardando > Flame Knot > Aquajail > Water Sphere > Flow: Aqua Bomb
after this combo, the enemy will run away and try to heal or prepare to block.
second phase Teleport > Cataclysm > Hellfire > Bolide
6. Death by FIRE Combo Hard Level
This one uses Sage's Memory to cast the intro really fast, as well as a few seconds after you dash into the enemy.
You need to time the S+C and Spacebar correctly or else you might not teleport as far as you thought you would, especially since you're using instant-cast.
Sages Memory > Meteor Shower > Fireball > Explosion > S+C (Teleport) > Spacebar (Ultimate: Teleport) >  Hellfire > Cataclysm > Bolide of Destruction
7. Preawakened + Awakened Combo Hard Level
This is a hard level because you need to alternate between awakening and pre-awakening a lot.
You need to hotkey these skills so that you can cast it successfully.
This will only work when you have Sages Memory on and Cast Speed buff. So use it wisely.
This also uses long-range spells so you can be safe from any enemy counters.
Sages Memory > Speed Spell > Flame Knot > MMA > Fireball > Water Sphere + Flow > Absolute Explosion > Absolute: Multiple Magic Arrows
8. Surprise modafuka! Hard Level
Use Sages Memory and Speed Spell to have really fast casting.
Teleport to the enemy instantly with this (preferably behind the enemy)
Sage's Memory > Speed Spell > Teleport > Ultimate: Teleport > Meteor > MMA > Fireball > Explosion > Water Sphere > Flow: Aqua Bomb > Hellfire > Catacylsm
9. Catch Combo Hard Level
If you cast this quick enough, it looks like you're catching the opponent while they get cc'ed from fireball explosion
MMA > Fireball > Explosion > S+C (teleport behind the target) > Hellfire > Q Grab > Cataclysm > Aqua Jail
How to survive in PvP
In this section, I'll talk about how Witchards can survive in 1 on 1 PvP as well as Nodewars.
Let's start with Mana and HP:
You need to be aware of how you manage your mana consumption and mana regeneration.
There are plenty of ways to replenish your mana while you're fighting.
1. Use Mana Pots (hotkey to your mouse/keyboard for ez access.)
2. Use Shift LMB for mana succ in preawakening (it works on pets too!)
3. Use Awakening Skills! it regens a LOT of mana when you hit your opponent.
-Water Sphere (without flow)
-Awakening basic attacks
You need to be aware of your HP at all times. As obvious as it may sound.
Use the right heals for the right situations.
When you still have 50% hp and your opponent is pretty far away, just use Healing Aura.
Don't use lighthouse or the sages heal, that's a waste.
When you have 25% hp left and your opponent is still far away, that's when you should use Lighthouse.
Do NOT use Sage's Light while your opponent is far away.
When your opponent is close-by and is trying to attack you, that's when you should prepare to use your Sages Light.
Only use your Sages Light for pinch situations when you really need to heal to stay alive.
It has a long CD so you can't abuse it too much.
Controlling your damage output
It's not always about dealing the highest amount of damage possible
or else you would basically just need to use your awakening skills for that since they generally do the most damage.
However, in certain situations. Your other skills will prove to be more useful than just doing damage!
Against certain classes like Kuno, Tamer, Sorc, Ninja, Ranger.
The ones who don't have a lot of sustain in PvP.
They need to kill you fast or else they will be at a disadvantage.
They can't heal unlike Witchards
You can do hit-run tactics to slowly reduce enemy HP. 
When dealing with melee classes, you can let them dash to you and you just need to use Shift F to counter their dash.
At times, it's also good to stay far away while you keep poking them with pre-awakening skills.
They'll get CCed (if they're not in an iframe) and you have SA on your Cataclysm.
-- --
Blocking As a wizard
Wizards recently got a buff for Hellfire which can work as an Active Block. (Also works as a 360 Block)
Don't use Chilling Wave as it doesn't have FG anymore.
You can either use WF to block while standing in one position or use S Block to keep going backward. 
What to do during node war?
You're a Wizard. Your main job is to give support to the frontlines
and also pick out the squishy ones that roam around.
You have the advantage of teleport that can instantly
bring you to the backline of the enemy to take out their squishy ones.
Always listen to the PA shot-caller.
For those who don't know, PA means Protected Area.
It's the 8seconds of invincibility that we have as a Witchard, protecting up to 10 allies.
Remember your PA numbers so that when your number is called out, you can PA immediately.
note: PA doesn't work in T1 Nodewars
You also need to make sure to keep track of everyone's health in your Party/Platoon.
Hotkey your heals so that you can easily heal anyone who is about to die.
You need to focus on 3 things.
1. Protected Area
2. Making sure enemies are CCed and Debuffed.
Use Ritardando Shift+Q to slow them down, use Chain Lightning to stiff multiple enemies, use Lightning Residue to slow them down more
3. Healing, to make sure everyone stays alive.
You don't need to focus on doing as much damage as you can, everyone else will do that for you.
But if you want to go kill people, no problemo~ go ahead. Just don't disregard your responsibilities.
Understand how your CC works on your enemies
Have you ever tried to CC someone with Grab or Knockdown and you get spammed with "IMMUNE" ?? I hate that too.
Because of the CC system, it limits the amount of CC that you can use. 
Every CC has a value attached to them and all of it is 1.0 except for Stiffness at 0.7
The maximum amount of CC you can do within a 5second window is 2.0 (2.7 if you overstack)
How to make use of this then?
You can chain longer combos if you use your skills in different orders. 

Hellfire (0.7+1.0) > Cataclysm (1.0)
Hellfire has both stiff and stun (1.7), going into Cataclysm(1.0) that has Bound for a total of 2.7
Cataclsym > Hellfire
Cataclysm has bound (1.0) and Hellfire's CCs won't be applied while the opponent is on the ground.
Total CC value of only 1.0, leaving space for more skills
With this information, you can test out for yourself which skills work best in which situation.
Check this video out for a more in-depth approach to the CC system
just instantly heal and directly counter the enemy with an Earth Response or a Frigid Fog. 
This concludes my guide for now.
I will add more stuff and update it from time to time since I know I missed a lot of things. 
Following this guide won't make you a really good wiz tbh, I'm not even a good Wiz lmao.
But it will teach you to be aware of certain things when you're fighting and doing node wars.
People say that Wizard is such a simple class.
It is, but when you're aware of the little things like how your skills interact with
you, your allies, and your enemies, it becomes way more interesting to play.
Make use of both your awakening and pre-awakening skills.
Make use of EVERYTHING that you have.
It's what separates a good wiz from a great wiz.
Thanks for reading!
Aard#9886 - Feel free to contact me on my discord if you wanna hang out in BA.
I also wanna learn more about Wiz, so any new stuff I can add here from anyone else would be great~
"Aard SocialAnxiety"

Character Name Aard
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# 2
Edit Date : 2019-11-19

Waow! So good! Teach me more please!!!

Character Name Ilhwan
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# 3
Edit Date : 2019-11-19

It's a fine guide overall. Though I think you should re-read about CCs. If I'm not wrong there is 2 category with equivalent value, standing CC(0.7) and down CC(1.0), with CC limit being total of 2. So the part where you Hellfire -> Cataclysm is wrong I think. Anyway don't take my words for it since I might be the wrong one, try to re-read about it tho. 

Character Name Monspeet
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# 4
Edit Date : 2019-11-19

Yeah! I read about those before and tried it out in BA. Though it did confuse me a bit because of how it gets applied. 
If I do a Cataclysm into a Flame Knot, that should "technically" be already counted as 1.0 + 1.0 = 2.0, and it should be already at the limit. However, in some cases, I can still follow up with either an Earth Response, Fireball, or Explosion. At that point, it shouldn't be applied anymore since I hit the CC limit, but sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't work. 


That's why I just used hard/soft CC in this guide. I'll try to update it later to make it more clear~ Thanks, Monspeet <3


Edit: I've updated the guide to be more clear about the CC system, I'll just think of my situation of it going over the limit as desync or lag haha. 

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# 5
Edit Date : 2019-11-19

I'm not really sure about earth response, but fireball and explosion is explainable. There are also CC extensions, which are the smashes, explosion got a default downsmash while you can have an a downsmash add-on for fireball. If im not wrong downsmashes only applies after you reach a cc limit and/or some other conditions that i'm not sure of.

Character Name Monspeet
Main Character Wizard
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# 6
Edit Date : 2019-11-19

It's weird cuz in the skill desc. Explosion only has knockdown on good hits while Fireball has stiffness for PvP. The only airsmash and downsmash skill that I could think of is Flow: Aqua Bomb. 

Character Name Aard
Main Character Wizard
Lv 61
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