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Rraa 2019-11-22 18:59
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Ancient Luna



more than a guild in-game.


Ancient Luna is an international community built to unite players from around the world across the games we love to play.

Our respect for each other and the fun we have every day are what drives us forward.


Ancient Luna Guild BDO SEA


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) About the Community


Who are the Light Seekers?

They are the players who joined the sanctuary of lights, Ancient Luna.

Most of them are gamers and talking about games on every Ancient Luna's social media stand in.


Can I just visit Ancient Luna?

The community is a closed community.

But, of course you can know the Ancient Luna more if you want to by join the Ancient Luna, become a light seeker and meet the another light seekers.


How do I join the Ancient Luna?

Simply join our Discord and tell us that you want to become a light seeker

By understanding our Wisdom of Lleud (rules)


Ancient Luna Guild BDO SEA


Ancient Luna Guild BDO SEA

The Guild

PVX <AncientLuna>


The guild born since June 2018

The members not only from South East Asia. We are all different, no one same, every member has its own style to enjoy the game.

The light seekers here called as Hecate and Arianrhod, half of them like to get some peace and do peaceful dailies
Also, half of them hungry of bloods (monsters blood).

Benefits? You will get your own by how you interact.

For sure, warm society.


To Join The Guild

Minimum Lv. 58

No trash talking. Actively play.

- Discord is a must -


Ancient Luna Guild BDO SEA


Whisper the Elders <Family Name> in Game

Ancestorist, Daeo, Eldruin, Hargrevee, Hyperia, Iryandi, Leviandras, Restfall, ShadowSneak, TheTrueKakGeri, Yomito, Zomblo


Ancient Luna Guild BDO SEA


Discord Ancient Luna Guild BDO SEA




---------------------- </GUILDPAGE> 2019 ----------------------

BDO SEA Ancient Luna Guild International Guild Page Poster



A Favor From The Ancestor



" Tell me your best stories, best memories, best moments, best words

of and for Ancient Luna in 2019 "


Character Name Rraa
Main Character Lahn
# 2

The reason why I stay, The reason why I live. Thank you for the memories in 2019!


Character Name Rraa
Main Character Lahn
# 3

Best memories ? Hmmm.... I joined the guild 1st time and grown up until now, like it was like yesterday but actually a year ago. Made great progress, especially Max Energy Capacity, reached 535 Energy Points. 


Character Name KakGeri
Main Character Warrior
# 4

The guild that made me feel like I belong in it - a family. Just the thing that I had always looked for. 


Character Name Kage
Main Character Ninja
# 5

umm I don't know what to say 

too many memories here, this guild makes me grow up until like this, and also we are growing together as family huehue

I was have plans to leave the guild, but I cannot leave this house, this family. 



-hormati orang tua


Character Name Fixiel
Main Character Sorceress
# 6

Nice guild poster!



Character Name Auraenys SUPPOTER
Main Character Dark Knight
# 7

Been about 5-6 months since I played this game, it definitely has lots of ups and downs, but this guild has made some good memory with my stay in it, friends and comrade in arms. 


Character Name Xuelong
Main Character Lahn
# 8

It was a great year with a wonderful guildmate to begin with. Having a guild as a family which I never bothered to hope from the start and a guild who can guide or help you when you have problem is the biggest wish for me in this year. I started this game as someone who is very shy and having anxiety is one of my biggest problem. I love to explore BDO alone and cant help myself gazing this tremendous map for hours which keeps repeating daily till I met this guild. They taught me a lot of valuable things and after get to know them my anxiety is not a big issue anymore. Anyway I wish all of you guys best of luck and happy new year, as someone said before hecate, you are a brightness sword that barricade the darkness and Arianrhod be the guidance and shield the lightseeker so that the light always be there for us. 


Character Name Daeo
Main Character Lahn
# 9

Early this year i met a lightseeker who showed me the way without this wonderful person i would never know about this great game and fantastic Guild i think of you all as family now


I feel like my Journey is just starting so many places to see and guild mates to meet


Thank you all for the help and friendship



Character Name WanderingFlame
Main Character Warrior
# 10

A Happy place

Cool people, cool friends, happy people

Not a member but i'm a part of this, this place make me happy, make bdo more meaning, help me a lot

Thanks for the great things yours made

Thanks AncientLuna, thanks Daeo for always beside me


Character Name NoBiteTabby
Main Character Tamer
# 11

Oh man, too many memories... Great people, fun people, you name it! AncientLuna has it all.


Character Name BurizaDaKyanon
Main Character Maehwa
# 12

Lady-Killer. Swag. Dude Looks Like a Monkey ... That's enough about me, I'm here to talk about Ancient Luna!




It feels like yesterday since I first met the person who made me realize I want to join Ancient Luna (I got invited to do some Ancient Relics one night). (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ (Yey! Mem Frags!)


A guild is just a guild for me before, no deeper meaning or benefits aside from buffs (sounds boring and lame, right?). However, everything changed when I entered the guild sanctuary. Everyone is just caring, hilalrious and supporting! It is truly wonderful to feel you belong to a family. Hold up man, lemme explain that "family" word (we ain't throwing that word for nothing) cause this will be a long SPEECH!



Despite the miles wedged between us we have spoken every waking day, whether through VC, discord messages, memes, or any social messaging site you can imagine when our hearts felt heavy and the world felt RNG cruel. We have celebrated our enhancement successes and mourned *cough* tried to laugh about our failures.


We have been each other’s buff + support system, and we have never given up believing in each other to the highest tier level (more than your Dream Horse yo!) when believing in ourselves has felt like the hardest thing in the world (in-game and real-life).


Thank you for the people inside the sanctuary who I’ve made tons of memories with whether it was taking trips for newbie *cough* players with GM's exploring the world or taking down some BIG BADASS BOX we kill with passion, the Ancient Luna family were always there whatever your drift in life is. (´• ω •`)ノ


If you’re freaking lucky, you’re going to come across people who vibe just as crazily as you do inside the sanctuary (PM is the key...or hmmm, chatting on guild is the key!). ⊂(・ω・*⊂)


Like someone who just wanna ride the BIG guild elephant exploring the world (all hail our good boy Apollyon Elephanta!), some people who literally lives at the sea, mushrooms or even lives at fogans (I bet the house is dope!), people who wanna just chill and take SS and friends who takes enhancing to the next goddamn level *Sparkle Sparkle*! (づ ◕‿◕ )づ


You can also share your life #moments (a really cute channel where you can just be human and share real-life events and snaps)  know each member more and a connect with a whole bunch of enlighted souls.

ʕ •̀ o •́ ʔ


When you meet people for the first time (either just being idle at Velia or trying to farm some crons), sometimes you have no idea how much impact they’ll have or how your existence can alter their lives forever (you don't even know they are the Hottest Person Around). Everybody inside Ancient Luna is a part of this amazing story. Everyone has a role to play.


♥ There are those who give endlessly, Blinded by Love to help. The ones who genuinely and generously extend their hands to others who are willing to take you along their boat so you can discover islands, do SMH or save you from being STUCK IN THE MIDDLE OF THE OCEAN.


People who will give you tips and help you progress, not on a spoonfeed level but on a healthy exchange of Q&A and company. They are truly a Wingless Angel.



♥ There are the silly ones. The ones who are up for adventures anytime like chasing Santa for gifts the whole day (hoping to get some outfit!) or even accompanying you to a place at the end of the freaking BDO map!


♥ There are the quiet light seekers who are Gentle Like Moonlight (not someone to mess with cause some of them will kick your ass on PvP! Less talk, more action!). The ones whose inputs are minimal but say what is relevant in order to help. People who like to observe and learn but are there on every adventure whenever you need someone! (* ̄▽ ̄)旦 且(´∀`*)


♥ The ones who is a Saint and party up with you to find your way home because you are lost at the sea or dessert! The Heart of the Ocean and King of the Sea's who are fierce and warm at the same time but will chop your enemies head like a dried up squid! $%^&*%^$!


Live at the moment! Appreciate who is here now. Now to quote Seeker of Knowledge:


We didn’t think much ahead of what was life going to be, because we had the time of our lives. We may have lost some things in time, but in the end, we’ve always found ourselves Brighter Than The Sun.


We may not have ended up in the same place together, but for once, we know by heart, that we were bounded as Messenger of Love.


♥ We are a family. ♥
*Valks' Cry*


Character Name Arabellah
Main Character Witch
# 13

Hi There LightSeekers,

Im known as Major.  I would like to share my sweet memories Ancient Luna~

      I have not been or felt like a family in such a game till i meet Daeva for the first time while we're doing relic's scrolls.

      My mind set was like, all players has something to gain for them self, but not him, not the LightSeekers, when i was invited to join in discord, and i have been observing, you guys are totally different. I'm from a different guild and yet i can see the difference in Ancient Luna members, they treat everybody like a close friend yet more like a family. You guys/ gals are very friendly and its always comfortable to communicate with.

      Sometimes till i felt that im a part of the family too. The fun we had, the guidances, the laughters, knowledged sharing, even doing funny or stupid things together. (hey sometimes you cant find this anywhere)

      I just miss the time we spend from the day one till current, the memories, the fun, the joy, the silly dramas, and up's and downs.

     Seriously i dont know what else to say, while typing this, all those flash back memories almost tears me out. HAHAHA XDD

    Anyhow last but not lease Wishing all of you success, all the best, and hope to see all of you in real life.

"Once a friend always a friend, Once a family always a family"

I will never forget all of you Lightseekers of Ancient Luna 


P.S : Might be joining you guys soon <3


With Love

Major / Surti Tejo


[The Fun We had]

The Fun We Had


Character Name Erdnase
Main Character Wizard
# 15

Hi There Everyone!!

I just back to the game after quit 1 year ago, so excited to start my new journey and meet new friends.

I join this guild almost 2 years ago, and I feels like Ancient Luna is not only a guild, its more than that, Ancient Luna is my Family.


Character Name UlquiorraCiffer
Main Character Warrior