Game Suggestions Character improvement AND, NEW CHARACTER
ALlCESS 2019-11-22 21:47
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Personally feel that there are enough closed ranged classes and counterpart characters to some classes eg. Ninja/Kunoichi, Witch/Wizard, Ranger/Archer, Musa/MaeHwa, Mystic/Striker.


Firstly, I think maybe it's time for BDO to relook at gender locking as a whole. I'm pretty sure most of the community would agree that they have a specific class they would like to play as another gender.


Secondly, why does some character give clear signs of "I'M ASIAN" and "PROBABLY WHITE". Not nitpicking on it but just suggesting that would be great if there was certain presets that excudes a race to it and allow players, themselves, to choose what in-game-race they are, Eg. Shai, Human, Something-.


Thirdly, I really do think it is time that a character wielding a gun has came out (I'm trying to get a friend to play with me, help me out guys). We all know the standard shuriken/kunais, magic, slash and hack, arrow to the knee stuff. If BDO can come up with hunting, with a MATCHLOCK & HUNTING RIFLE, why not, a GUN WEILDING CHARACTER


These are suggested weapons that could be considered for a gunner of sorts.


Main Weapon : Shotgun, Rifle, Or just a Bayonet.

Sub Weapon : Pistols (Of sorts)

Awakening Weapon : Cannon, maybe? Magically powered laser beam?




Character Name ALlCESS
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# 2

Matchlocks and Hunting Rifles are primitive firearms though. I don't think a high-magazine semi-automatic weapon would mesh well with the world and theme of Black Desert.


And concerning the classes looking like specific races, that's because the different cities of Black Desert are inspired by different cultures. This is VERY noticeable once you reach Port Ratt.

The reason why races and genders are locked for each class is because of the narrative each class has. If you read the lore of each character you'll find that the story treats each class as if they are ONE UNIQUE CHARACTER. Classes are considered characters in Black Desert, not a title given to someone who mastered a specific weapon like Ragnarok and other MMOs.

Male/Female counterparts are an old concept in Black Desert, one I think they are going away from as indicated by the releases of Lahn, Shai and the newly announced "Guardian" (I don't agree in her being a female berserker, she has an Axe and Shield). to provide more class variety.


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# 3

Lore: I bet Guardian's home town will be Odelita or the mountain ranges south of Duvencrune (Drieghan).


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Pretty sure Guardian's home is in Ody'litta since her clothes just screams "Lady in the harsh winter". And if her backstory is anything to go by, Guardian might have a dragon-related awakening weapon.


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# 5

Someone datamined the KR client and already found out that Guardian uses:

1. 1 hand Axe

2. A Shield (no idea if its Warrior/Valk Shield)

3. Awakening is Polearm (an axe type).


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# 6

It would be nice to have a gunslinger class.

I would prefer if they kept it within the lore of BDO. i.e. Flintlocks (pistols), matchlocks (rifles). or if they will upgrade these to better weaponry, something that is steampunk inspired rather than modern day weaponry. 

I could see a character with several flintlocks + matchlocks, much like how ninjas has what? 6? swords?. Use them in chains and have skills that instant reloads them to accomodate the fast paced bdo combat.
we see a lot of industrialization from calpheon, along with airships and what not - it wouldn't be far off to see them with better flintlocks/matchlocks again; to accomodate the fast paced combat of BDO. 

Awakening, we already have zerkers being augemented by the dwarvs using ancient technology. 

Laserbeams - not really my thing, but i would see how they can fit lasers in as an awakening as you can see attacks that are laserlike from ruin guardians/hsytria etc. Assuming that the dwarvs make another invention for the new class player or the dwarves themselves ARE the new class. 

I think succession would be more ideal for a gunslinger class to augement his/her flintlock and matchlock attacks, and a non-awakening branch like Shai for utility (I'm thinking something along the lines as a former hunter from behr, you got x,y,z perks to help the group)

As it is there is barely any group classes, i think this would be a nice addition.  


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# 7

@Jarette, You mentioned a one-handed axe. Does this mean they share the same weapon as the Berserker Class? I need to know cause if so then I can start upgrading a Kzarka Axe.


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# 8


Because Im not sure either.
Berserker Axe is not categorized as 1 hand Axe.


Character Name Jarette SUPPORTER
Main Character Sorceress