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FallenOfKoryu 2019-11-25 19:06
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Today im at GAhaz to grinding.. n I meet someone name "Emat".. He want pvp me, n i fight back.. but he cant got hit from me.. like u hit on air.. invisible.. cant grab n knockdown him.. Please GM check that acc.. Ty.. Im very enjoy this game please cheater Get out this game..


Character Name FallenOfKoryu
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# 2

Hey there!
Its unfortunate that there are still players disrupting our game and has negative impact to us players.

However, Game Masters rarely read the forums so I strongly urge you to submit a ticket instead.


Please provide a detailed explanation and add it into your ticket.

Details like Dates, Time, Character Name and so on..
This will give the attending Game master to look into their logs to validate your claims.


This might take time and response may vary as far as I know, looking into logs is tedious and slow, specially games as big as Black Desert Online.


Lastly, I commend you for reporting such bad player behaviour and I encourage you to stay vigilant and keep reporting such players.


Thanks & Good day.


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