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Tzuyucicigua 2019-11-28 18:48
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help me fix stuck on patching 3%


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TL;DR: Just leave it as is.

What's your PC Specs?
Are you using heavy processes in the background?
Like, you're playing another game while patching the game?

Patching the game specially during Extractions of PAZ files takes a while and uses high amount of resources.


Lower specs computers will have longer time of completion and similarly, the appearance of "stuck to 3%" occurs.

That is normal and should you wait for the launcher to finish the process.

If by chance you cancelled the process of patching, the launcher will revert back to its last known downloaded file and will continue to patch from there.

So, with that said, if its stuck to "XXXYYY.PAZ" then it will download "XXXYYY.PAZ" again if you cancel it.


TL;DL: Just leave it as is.


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