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So, about lv. 49,999 cap....
SoHyuun 2019-12-03 06:30
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Hello everyone,


I have been playing this game casually for about almost 2 weeks, and enjoy every second of it mostly for the life skill and profession. I play the main quests once a while, and eventually I hit level 49. In order to level up to lvl 50, I have to finish the corresponding quest, and it would unlock the PvP option afterwards.

... Unfortunately, I am not into PvP at all and the idea of getting ambushed with other player while doing casual grind / gathering sounds quite bothersome to me. Is that fine to forfeit the quest and stay at lvl 49,999? And is that level good enough to finish the main quest?

If that's not possible, what advice would you give me regarding the PvP aspect?


Thank you so much :)


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Finishing the main quest sure; do note though that higher areas where the later quests are will bring you higher level areas. You will eventually want to level up past 50 to take advantage of better skills and the awakening. 

As long as you avoid Arsha and stay away from hotzones where most people grind you should be fine. There are many alternative areas where you can casual grind with very low risk of getting pked. Even in popular grinding zones, usually changing server to an empty spot is enough, otherwise just move onto another zone i.e. if you were grinding hystria, you can go aakman, if its full, go pila ku, if thats full, go kamasylvia and so on. you don't have to grind at set zones. If it's silver per hour sure, but if its just casual grind, it really shouldnt matter as long as you get your silver/loot, and you cant be picky if you don't intend to defend your spot.

As for the pvp aspect, honestly just git gud. No two ways about it. Either learn it or stay in safe zone. I see you are a lahn from your profile, check out videos on youtube, check out the discord for guides and tips on pvp. 

Don't be afraid of pvp, it's a lot of fun once you get the hang of it. I'd suggest making a trial character (on the character selection screen > top right) and play with your class. You can watch as many vids and read all the guides, memorize them but it won't mean anything if you don't practice it. Many people in battle arena will teach you a few tricks and provide advice against on your class so don't be shy to ask around. So yea, goodluck. 


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Hello SoHyuun ...!


It doesn't matter if you want to stay at lvl 49 forever, but you can't enjoy high-level/high-AP grind spot like Mirumok Ruins , Aakman Temple, Hystria, etc which have better trashloot (in example 1 mirumok trashloot worth 17.500 silver) and it will make you easier to get rich 😁 and you can't enjoy Awakening content and upcoming Succession content for each class, getting free capotia accessories and many more !!!

about the PvP aspect ...
honestly .... i used to think like you, i made my character stay at lvl 49 for about 6 months because i hate pvp, i hate when ppl bother me when i'm killing mobs and take my grindspot ( i'm not good at PvP btw 😜) but now it doesn't matter 😁 all i need to do is avoid crowded server like Heidel-1, Serendia-2, Kamasylvia-1 and now i'm almost reached lvl 62 and can make 50-100Million silver per-day 😜 don't worry if you get killed by another player you won't lose anything as long as you don't turn on force-pvp (Alt + C) and hit them back 



Good Luck ! 🤞


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To finish main quest, you have to be at least reach lv 58. Because Kamasylvia quest line open at that level.


I don't like and neither care about pvp too. But nothing we can do about it. I was killed by other players countless time for no reason. Yes it's bothersome, but that's how it is.


Those kind of players are like in-game monsters, so treat them like you treat monsters. Don't provoke them and don't casually piss on their teritory. If you were killed for no reason at all, if you want, you can tell them to be a better person in the future. And you don't need to get revenge.


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PvP outside of Arsha is rarer than getting Relics.

Dont be afraid of those pkers.


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Thanks for the response, everyone. It was greatly appreciated ;)


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I think all the of you guys who reply to this thread are all making a very good point about not being afraid of being PK by other players, and about the lots of benefits of getting higher level. Totally agree with that!


But I just want to add, that sometimes there is a benefit to create a low level character for a certain purpose (the one that we called alt, alternative chacracter besides our main character), usually for lifeskill purpose. For example, if you want to be a horse trainer, it might be a good idea to create one under lvl..50 alt specially for horse training, so that you can AFK horse training outside of safezones without being afraid of getting PK'ed by other player. But for our main who do all the PVE, we should level him/her to the max!



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