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Update Pearl Items as fast as NA/TW
ChillSabrina 2019-12-03 13:39
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We knew our region is New, but I hope we get the following at the same Year / season, like Year 2 Season 2 as Other region. Please knew that All customer are paying USD, and money is no easy to earn in relative to the International, as the money we spend. We hope that the following is in the roadmap and coming soon.

1. Pearl Item

a. Clorince’s Travel Bag (16 Slots/8 Slots), are already sell on other region. I am already ready to buy the 8 slot. This would not remove the sale of your inventory slot expansion, because most people don't play multiple character. As so many sale already go-on, if people wanted to buy, they buy it already.


b. Eileen's Travel Bag 

Sound interesting, Let hope we got this bonus too.  To be frankly, I like Eileen more, she almost my fav. Because I haven't meet my crush at least in NPC except my own Character maybe


2. Pearl Item Suggestion

a. Central Market's VT Increase, Can be expensive than storage's slot?

b. TW seem to have few costume extra? I no sure but hopefully we can get as many as other region.


3. Shadow Arena
Shadow Arena is now quite clean, and easy, you can integrate it with BDO PC/ Mobile with an easy Central/Redeem Web system. That is same login for both BDO and shadow arena. Furthermore, limit the reward you can get from Shadow Arena as little as possible. Moreover, put the effort to have dual control as simple to maintain, so that it can play on Mobile.
Now you have a mini game to promote fun of PVP in Black Desert. 

Just don't plan to earn too much money from that except Skin, So you can increase exposure to your IP (Long Term), and exposure to Black Desert to new customer. Furthermore, don't put too much effort, just effort for PVP Fairness etc, and maybe free fight mode. Don't make the same mistake like Battlerite Royale




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# 2

I checked your link for Eileen's travel bag but I didn't see it. Maybe different link?



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