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Need Suggestion/Advice on what class to main xD
RenSquishy 2019-12-07 12:37
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Hello, new player here. Want a bit suggestion/advice about something. I have started playing bdo from last month which is November. This whole month i have been trying out different classes to find a class to main and pour all my ingredients at. The classes i still haven't tried are dark Knight, ranger, tamer, wizard, berserker, striker. And so far i have narrowed down the class i enjoyed. Which is Mystic, Witch and lahn.

Now i would like to have some advice / suggestions as which class should i main or focus on? Or should I try the other classes i haven't tried yet? I am really interested in node war pvp and i also want to be decent enough to defend my grinding spot.


Character Name RenSquishy
Main Character Lahn
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Hi, I'm not sure if this is the best advice, but I remember googling the same when I started almost 1 year ago. I saw this guy on youtube whose advice is to play the class you enjoy playing, as there will be a point in the game where you have to grind, and if you do not enjoy your main, then that will add to the chore of grinding. Personally, based on the ones you already like, maybe pick between Mystic and Witch? I've only tried witch, but I know both are essential in Node war and can fairly defend themselves.


I also saw this link to a class overview, but personally, I just play the class I enjoy (DK).



Hope this helps!



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What's your end game goal? PvP?
If PvP narrow it down to: 
1. Glass Cannon Flanks
2. Area of Attack Crowd Controls
3. Tanks & Off Tanks
If you are planning to do Mass-PvP such as node wars choose between 3 types of game play listed above.
These are my personal list.
(Not in Order)
Ninja, Kunoichi, Lahn & Tamer excels in Flanking.
Tamer is good.
But I dont think you'll enjoy it now if you're below 280+ AAP if you're participating Sieges.
[Crowd Control]
Witch, Wiz, Valkyrie
Witch & Wizard is all around excellent in any form of PvP.
While Valkyries are a utility type AOE Class.
[Tanks & Off-Tanks]
Shai for Tanking, buffs & utility.
Berserker for Off-Tank.
Valkyrie for utility and CC tank.
Striker & Mystics for Off-Tank.
Off-Tank's job is to help lessen the burden of your main tank while focusing more on damaging enemies.
If you are planning to just grind, these are the recommended BIS (best in slot) classes for end game grind spots.
Shai - now takes #1 for grinding at any high-end grind spots, including Sycraia.
Mystics was #1 but recently top-tier guilds switch to Shai mainly because its farming speed is faster and not prone to constantly dying.
Valkyrie, mediocre end game grinding Class. Works best in Hystria & Sycraia due to protected skills + heals but its not recommended.
But if you're not into PvP, pick any class you want. It doesnt matter for as long as you enjoyed them.

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Honestly, its a question only you can answer. 

For starters, youtube and the respective class discords are your best resource to have some insight into each class. 

Even if you pick the ''best'' class that everyone thinks for lets say, 1v1 pvp, it may not even be something you will enjoy. Therefre it's best if you can try out most classes. Right now you can make trial characters, utilize this feature to try out classes you are interested in.

As a piece of advise, stick to one class at the earliest. Get your level, get your gear, and once you have an idea about other classes after experiencing for 1st class, experiencing war, experiencing going against other classes. You will have a better idea of what you want as you will have the knowledge to make such decisions. 
Additionally, once you have reached at a level where you can farm decent silver/h, it is much easier to reroll then as you will have the resources to fund whatever character it is you are interested in; gear and accessories are shared amongst all characters, only the weapons is what you will have to replace each time you roll another class


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Main Character Warrior
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I agree with my fellow peers have said, I do think that it's a question only you can answer as well.


It's a matter of "whatever floats your boat," my friend.


It doesn't matter if it's great or bad for 1v1 or massive PvP and for grinding. What matters is if you enjoy the class.


I'm not a fan of "the guild needs you to reroll to this class because we need it" or something along the lines of forcing you to use a class you don't enjoy.


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Just like everyone else said, play that you enjoy the most.


But I have a personal suggestion. Shai. She's strong, tanky, and cute....


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Shai is great but I have some bad news.

Taken from Dev Answer Q & A 2019

This new content they spoke of is the upcoming Shai exclusive content.

See video:


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whay shai exclusive content is bad news?


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You missed the part of not having skill updates?


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What's wrong with her skills anyway? Because she doesn't have flow, absolute, or awakening? I don't have problem with her skills. So, I don't see bad news.


Character Name PrawiLucia
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