Timezone Correction for Boss Notification
Syaoli 2019-12-16 15:25
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I live in a GMT+8 timezone region. My guildmates who live in a GMT+7 timezone receive their in-game boss notifications 1 hour later than I do (e.g. in terms of GMT+8, they receive the 3pm Nouver notification at 3:30pm). This suggests that the notifications are tied to a clock in the timezone they are playing from, and can cause players to be misinformed on world boss spawn times, and miss those bosses. To address this matter, I suggest adding an option for the player to specify their timezone (e.g. GMT+7, GMT+8) so that the notification time can be corrected.


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Edit Date : 2019-12-16

Yes. This needs to be fixed. It's not cool to rely on boss timer website when we actually have in-game notification.

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I live in GMT+7 region. This boss notice feature should be good but rendered useless because the notice came late.

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I understand the concern as I am also a player on NA few years ago and my timezone differs by 12 hrs from the server.


The thing is, I have also experienced in setting up game servers and things like this is part of the server configurations.

Programmatically speaking, the timezone is bound to where the "server" is installed.


For example, if BDO SEA was installed in IND timezone +7, then the timer will also be +7 and players in +8 GMT will adjust (adds +1 hr) to get the time correct.


The solution to this is not easy, they can setup another server for INDO so that the boss timers & all in-game related events that requires timers will be in sync with INDO timezone (+7).

Example: the Imperial trading events.


What Im trying to say is that, I have doubts they will have a solution ready quickly for a non-priority issue.


My suggestion to you, who play in Indonesia or from other region is to have 2 clocks in your system, one is local time and the other is +8 GMT.
(still doesnt solve the "notification" being late since server is still +8 GMT).


My second solution is using discord as an alternative solution.

I made this boss timer and I'd be glad to share it to you if you needed.
Of course, sources will not be included.
But you can change the "Token" to make it private (you use this only for your own server).

There's no contact system in forum but you can contact me anytime in discord: Jarette#5347

Or join & tag @jarette


The bot has various utility commands like:

!cmp - calculates central market place profit (with or without vp)

!horsemarket - calculate your profit through horse market

!tl <mapname> <count> - calculates your profit when selling trashloots from certain maps.

ex: !tl hystria 100000

!rs - Renown Score calculator

!purge - deletes the entire conversation of the text channel the command was invoked. cannot delete 2 weeks old messages.

!yes - sets member role to @Attending (for nodewar)

!no - sets member role to @Not Attending (for nodewar)

!reset - resets all role (@attending & @not attending)

!fs - Failstack calculator, using leaked info by BLOO from reddit.

And there's more.

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Edit Date : 2019-12-18

Hi @Jarette! I am sure that my guildmates in the GMT+7 timezone have other ways to circumvent this issue. However, I wrote this post in consideration of newer players who have no idea that the boss notifications could even be timed incorrectly; those players might end up missing a number of bosses before realizing. I believe that it is PearlAbyss' responsibility not to mislead or discourage their own players.


Moreover, the notification times are NOT pegged to the server because if they were, the notifications would be giving the correct time regardless the timezone the player is playing from. If the notifications can be sent a set duration (30, 15, 5 minutes) before the boss in one timezone, then an option to shift the notification interval in another timezone is definitely possible.

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Edit Date : 2020-04-08

Hi  @Jarette I'm a developer myself and I can tell you it is not that difficult at all to setup a notification system that notifies everyone at the same time despite different timezones.


The problem you have is: [BDO client] is checking the [BDO client]'s clock on the computer to verify the next boss spawn.


The sollution can be made using 2 different approaches:

1 -> Use the "serverside" to show the notifications based on the time the boss is spawning not from the "clientside"

2 -> At installing / updating the [BDO client] verify the timediff of local computer and server -> adjust the [BDO client] notif time based on the timediff

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