Show the Guild Quest __refresh and cool-down timer
ArwenEvenstar 2020-01-18 03:26
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Edit Date : 2020-01-18

I want to suggest to show the timer of when the Guild Quests list refresh, and the timer of Guild Quests cool-down after completing a guild quest.


Please, we need those timer. Thank you for your consideration.

Character Name ArwenEvenstar
Main Character Ranger
Lv 60
# 2
Edit Date : 2020-01-18

Would love to have those features!

It would be convenience to have those timer to know when the list is refreshed/ cooldown to take another guild quest.

Character Name Shiest
Main Character Shai
Lv 58
# 3
Edit Date : 2020-01-18

this would be super helpful!!

Character Name Birbbob
Main Character Musa
Lv 59
# 4
Edit Date : 2020-01-18

yes please!!!! super annoying to keep checking the lists to see if it has refreshed or changing server just to find out that the GQ has expired ><

Character Name Owogata
Main Character Archer
Lv 59
# 5
Edit Date : 2020-01-18

@YZXJogja @YZXJogja lovely! write to them =) SUPPORT email hahahaha


How are you my dear friend?


Toffee of Florin

Character Name IRlSKA
Main Character Guardian
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# 6
Edit Date : 2020-01-21

Character Name Auraenys
Main Character Dark Knight
Lv 61
FeedbackTopicShow the Guild Quest __refresh and cool-down timer

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