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Greetings my dear fellow adventurer,

As a beginner one of the frustration is the large map of BDO without any fast travel. Me too, I met that frustration and I wish that this vast world would have a fast travel. But as you grow in this world you would notice that the vast map of BDO is just only a small map likewise its a small world.


Aside from that as a beginner you need a horse/sailboat or boat to travel faster because there are some NPC that were too far and resides in a fog map. Yet one of the frustration of having a horse/boat is that you left your horse/boat in some areas because some of the NPC resides in a remote place where you could not bring your horse/boat and then you pass your quest. After you accepted another quest and so forth that you don't mind your horse/boat anymore and then you realize that you're too far away from your horse/boat.


Imagine your horse lies in the magnificent city of Calpheon and there you are in Altinova because the quest move you pace after pace. After you right click the horse icon you notice this number 6450 in your autopath guide, that is 6k running on foot and that would consume minutes in real time. Or you are at sea navigating using your Bartali sailboat then you landed beside the cliff. However don't be frustrated about that because there is a function in stable keeper/warf manger that you could retreive your horse/boat easily and that is what we called Remote Collection.


What is remote collection? 

Remote collection is a function wherein you could get your horse easily by getting it remotely through any stable keeper. This function is also available in warf manager which you could also remote collect your boat as well.


Though remote collection is a good function but you are also limited in some ways. And these are what you need to beware of. 
First, if you use this function to retrieve your horse, the horse health would be degraded that if you forget to recover it, the monster would just hit it only once. Thus, if you use this function don't forget to click the recovery button to restore the health as well as the stamina of your horse. And of course this would involve silver but don't worry its only cheap, usually about 2k silvers if you have T6 horse.

Second, if you remote collection your sailboat, your sailboat ration would be depleted and this would also incur 10% damage into your sailboat as well. However this function is costly.

Third, if you put items in your boat/horse inventory it will not be collected in the stable where you remote it but instead it will be collected in the nearest stable where your horse was located. 
Fourth, If you remote collect your sailboat your sailors condition would be depleted and most likely they will get sick.
Lastly, if you remote collection your sailboat/horse with trade items inside the inventory, all of those would be dropped or deleted. So careful.


Step by Step guide on how to remote collect

1. Go to your nearest stable keeper or warf manager and interact with it by pressing R. 

2. Navigate to the stable tab/warf tab. Press #3

3. Perform the remote collection of your horse/sailboat.

4. Don't forget to perform the recovery for horse and recovery, repair if you remote collect your sailboat.

I hope that this short tip could help you a lot of hassle of retrieving your friend, horsie.

If you have any inquiries just pm to my in-game family name Cyberdasm or pm cyberdasm#1299 if you have a discord. You could also share this guide using this shortened link

Stay tuned, keep safe always and God blessed.


At your service,

Your supporter, chaplain, mentor and a friend.


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May 10, 2020 - Sailors Included

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Letting others know so they don't have to go thru the same experience.

Great way of writing, as if you are talking to a close friend.

A nice friendly approach, cheers!


Keep it up SUPPORTER Cyberdasm.

Looking forward to reading more from you.

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# 3
Edit Date : 2020-02-06


Character Name MeisterBlank
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Edit Date : 2020-02-06

Nice guide on remote collection! But be noted that if you wish to collect your mount, make sure it carries no items.


Example: your mount is at Sand Grain Bazaar (not in stable) but you're already in Heidel, if you wish to remote collect your mount in Heidel - you need to make sure there's no trade or any items in the mount's inventory because it'll remote collect into the nearest stable (in this example - if it carries any item, it'll goes into Sand Grain Bazaar's stable).


^ just to give more clearer example to avoid confusion. :v

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# 5
Edit Date : 2020-02-07

Nice, we all always get together to improve things further.


Here's to a better BDO SEA community. 


Here's some SHAI Blessing, hope your get another RED POST!

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Edit Date : 2020-02-07

OMG! I REMEMBER THIS!!! I left my donkey in Calpheon while my char is in Velia. Friend say go stable to remote collect. AND somehow...... it was checked in into the stable in Calpheon.... Then he realized.... I got loads on my donkey =,=


Nice guide for newbie (I am also one) ^^ Give u 1 <3

Character Name Centilia
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# 7
Edit Date : 2020-02-09

Character Name Auraenys
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Edit Date : 2020-02-11

I'm doing my Guardian questline for now and I always use this function since I always left my horse somewhere my previous quest stops. Though it seems so very nuisance yet this function is very useful for retrieving your horse easily.

Character Name MeisterBlank
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