Equipment Tailoring Coupon Need To Go
Anthuria 2020-01-26 14:39
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Edit Date : 2020-01-26

I play this game for 2 weeks, and if someone ask me "how good is BDO??"
My answer is "The monetization in that  game is beyond me. "

I probably biased since i play other more popular MMORPG. And that is my main game.
And dont get me started with how you guys shoddily handle pearl/acoin pricing, when almost always there will be leftover. Instead of making us pay directly in $ so there will be no leftover of pearl/acoin.

Im planning to get merv's palette and value pack monthly, as if it's a sub fee. because this game is quite good and i enjoy it.
But then my enjoyment was ruined.

I try to craft costume, and i still need pay 400 pearls to wear it as costume?? Not only the number of cotume is abysmal, the system also riddled with unnecessary stuff like apparel bag and whatnot
I know you guys trying to push premium costume, and some stuff also available on CM. But that means you need someone else to buy it and pray for god that he will sell it, and why would someone sell it when they can get a better pearl/silver ratio from other item is also beyond me. 

I mean, think about it. Have you, Pearl Abyss, think about how many potential customer and money you lost because these monetization overwhelmed them???
Other MMO i play, they never offer "play until level x, and get the game(or expansion) for free". I dont know how many new account created monthly, and how many still play it the next month. The only saving grace that makes the world of BDO feels alive is the heavy, very very heavy AFK activities. 

So, by the name of the costume whore demon inside me. I beg you, delete equipment tailoring coupon. (you guys can keep it on KR ver, i dont care)

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Edit Date : 2020-01-26

Hello Anthuria !

Equipment Tailor Coupon is available in Central Market and you can buy it for 95 million silver cheapest. It's not a long wait if you PO the coupon because Sultans tend to spam sell this thing. (So far I don't think people have to PO it, it is almost always in ready stock)

Hope you get yours soon <3

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Edit Date : 2020-01-26

Hi, Anthuria.


I know how it feels to make your character looks pretty and it's really bad to have the craftable costume worn as gears instead of outfits.


As Qalene said, you can purchase or pre-order if they really sold out the Equipment Tailoring Coupon from the central market. I think, I still see people spamming it now and then - plus, we did get those coupon for free during the login events for BDO anniversary. Some people probably still have it from the said event.


I hope you could find lots of fun stuff to explore more in the future. :D

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Edit Date : 2020-01-27

yeah CM exist, but this coupon shouldnt even exist in the first place. imo 

my point is, if only the monetization is more docile. maybe less people will quit in a couple of days. and the game will get better rep.
welp, guess i'll just play it casually like a farmville and keep my wallet closed then.

sorry if it's sound ranty, it's my gamer blood speaking lol

Character Name Anthuria
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BDO is not Free To Play afterall, and not categorized as one.
Spending money is optional, if you can't spend then no one is forcing :>

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As Qalene said above, BDO is a Pay to Win kind of game. The fact that BDO offers that "Get free game pass once you reach level 56 etc2" is very generous already for a Pay to Win game. If you play this game more than 2 weeks, I assure you Pearl Abyss gave us the players so much free Pay to Win stuff because of their 2nd anniversaries (its still ongoing), it's just unfortunate that you came quite late now ;)


As usual, you dont need to invest your time/money to BDO as i see you dont seems to be keen with it. Why not spend more time/money on other popular MMORPG that is Free to Play :D You will be less ranty on your daily life and such. ^^

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Edit Date : 2020-01-27

Yeah, BDO is not fully free to play. Not wallet friendly game - especially for a neet like me. Haha. If you still playing until the next anniversary (which is next year, hee), maybe you'll get more of the free stuffs! (Let's pray for it!) :D For now, we just have to endure ourselves with the outfit-gears.

It's optional for you to spend on real money or not - plus, I think letting some players that spending real money for pearls and sell the pearls item into the CM is already fine, since the gifting now disabled. That way, both parties got what their want - the silvers and the pearls item they wanted.

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"BDO is not Free To Play afterall, and not categorized as one."
who said this game FTP??? and where do i suggest it to be FTP??

"Why not spend more time/money on other popular MMORPG that is Free to Play"

Huh??? idk where this come from, but its funny to see people here loving the status quo and quite anti-critic. with most topic only have 2 digit view and only replied by "Suppoter". with missing R, i dont see this forum will be a place where discussion and suggestion will be taken seriously. too bad, since this forum probably the only place PA read.

anyway, I never said this game is FTP, and also other popular MMORPG definitely has a sub fee. 


"as i see you dont seems to be keen with it"
lmao, do you even read my post??

"Im planning to get merv's palette and value pack monthly, as if it's a sub fee. because this game is quite good and i enjoy it."

Yeah, the outfit situation is the one that really makes me roll my eyes. It just feels crafting armor/outfit isnt rewarding at all, either if you want to sell it or wear it by yourself. I just hope this game can be better at times, and new blood doesnt feel overwhelmed by the monetization. I mean, there is a reason why people love Warframe monetization, and they even get praised for it, a very rare sight for a game with in-game premium shop.

I just hope this game can be better at handling this issue. Anyway, thanks for the positive vibes. Hope you a good day.


Good bye.

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Seems the issue here is you cant use the costume as you wanted to and of course I get your point and I also play that game you've mentioned before. Now, I will addressed your problem. One of the reason why there is a tailoring coupon, that is to transform your crafted costume into a pearl category costume. For me it is considered free. Why? When you buy it is cheap already in the CM besides they don't want those costume also. That is your advantage. But take note this, the costume you made could be created into a powerful stone the could enhance the premium and classic costume. However you could use your crafted costume yet you cant put it in the pearl costume slot.

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One more week of SUPPOTER, no maintenance REEEEEEEEEEEEEE

I came from a Fashion Wars game, we dyes we can change, costumes we can mix and match ... GW2 =)


These SUPPOTERS are players like us.. oo I am one as well. Going thru same stuffs we all do. BUT hope you find something you like so far, dear friend?(Please don't say I am not your friend, ok?) SERIOUSLY hope you stay, please?

Opinions are opinions. Only ONE staffs from them reads these stuffs we write here. Not sure if its a person or a dept, by the name of GM Calpheon.

I personally write to them if I feel something isn't right.. You know the support mail, right? We do get sometimes not always - good replies. But the replies always comes.


Happy you found a guild as well.



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Edit Date : 2020-02-03

I agree with @Athuria. Tailoring coupon is one of pearl items that I hate so much. It needs to be gone.


It's not about optional purchase or anything, it's just pure greedy.


We have to grind for materials, we have to craft, then we have to pay for it to be a real outfit? Come on....


Sure we can order it from CM, but still, it needs other players to buy and register it in CM, even this part is RNG.


My first main complain in BDO is always about the monetizations. I love this game and want it to be better in every aspect. Including the monetizations. It's for long term, not short term cash grab. I know PA can do better, but i think they won't...

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