A better use for Imperial cooking seal
Noihara 2020-02-07 19:41
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Edit Date : 2020-02-07

Hello peeps, 

as a player that heavily rely on imperial cooking for my income,

i find that Imperial cooking seal (image below), is kinda under value with the item we can exchange with.



So what if PA make changes to add delivery gift box (image below) with fair amount of seal? so at least we dont stacking that seal for nothing.


and actually i don't see any balance breaking between those who grind and imperialing. i mean, they give us for free on the older patch. this seal exchange will restrict the amount of delivery box we'll get anyway right?


of course i want to know what you guys think about this idea. is it dumb or brilliant haha.



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FeedbackTopicA better use for Imperial cooking seal

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