How To Wizard: 101 [Succession]
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Yahallo! Welcome to “Aard’s Ultimate Wizard Guide” for those looking to push their understanding of the character to the next level~


This guide is based on my personal experiences as a Wizard, it will be further updated as time passes by. 

I’ve only been playing Succession for a little while but I’ve been trying to fully understand how the class works ever since it came out.


I recommend reading my other Wizard guide to understand the basic principles of the class, as these two guides overlap in some areas.

The only difference is in how the skills work, your overall role should still be the same.

Read the following parts:

1. Preparation

2. PvP Builds

3. Nodewar

4. Understanding CC



I’m not the best Wizard, obviously. I’m also not the most geared Wizard.

Just someone who wants to share his knowledge after playing this game for so long


Table of Contents:


- Skills

-How to PvP



This guide will cater to both who have just switched from Awakening to Succession and to those who are trying Succession for the first time.




Succession Wiz is the counterpart to Awakening Wiz that belong to the same class. The most noticeable differences between both classes are the following:



Has grab

Doesn’t have grab

Slow cast speed

Fast cast speed

High damage comes from ‘summon’ flows

No ‘summon’ flows

Summons Arne and Marg

No summons

Has S block

No S block


A lot of people who switch over from Awakening to Succession will complain about the lack of S block and how 'unprotected' the class is. However, this is a slight misunderstanding. From my opinion, Succession is way more ‘protected’ than Awakening due to the revamp in the skillset, this will be further explained down below.


Wizard Skills

In this section, I’ll be highlighting the main aspects that players should understand when using Succession.

Succession requires your attention at ALL times.

There will be a lot of Awakening users who will agree with me here when I say that using Awakening Wizard is pretty “braindead”. This applies to both PvE and PvP.

Succession uses an aggressive playstyle in order to maximize the efficiency of each skill.

You need to cast skills at a fast pace, if you mess up your tempo, you won’t be able to dish out as much damage as you want to.


These are my hotkeys that I’ve been using for Succession, but I’m still trying to further modify it to suit my needs.

F1 – Prime: Elemental Palace

F2 – Speed Spell

F3 – Magical Lighthouse

F4 – Spellbound Heart

Tab – Swift Earthquake

~ - Magical Shield

1 – Prime: Fireball

2 – Prime: Residual Lightning: High Voltage

3 - Healing Aura

4 - Healing Lighthouse

5 - Sage’s Light

6 - Resurrection

FrontMouse button – Health Potion

BackMouse button – Mana Potion



“How do I pick which skills to upgrade in the tree?”

First thing you need to be able to do is figure out how to access the Succession Tree after you’ve done the quest and everything.

Go to your Main skills tab and enhance all the skills that has an  marking on them.

If your skill points are below 1700, then you don’t need to learn the following skills as they’re not too important in your core combos:

1. Concentrated Magic Arrow

2. Lightning Storm

3. Blizzard


You should be able to learn the ‘core skills’ (non-damaging) of pre-awakening such as the following:

Sages Memory


Magical Shield

Mana Absorption

Speed Spell

Protected Area

All Heal Skills

Spellbound and Magical Lighthouse

Mind Training

Infinite Mastery

Skilled Hunter



Now time to go to the Succession Tab

You should be able to learn all the skills that you want, except for the following: (Below 1700 SP)

Earth Arrow

Prime: Lightning Storm

Prime: Blizzard


Now, there are different skill trees for the skills in Succession.

It really depends on your preference and playstyle. If you’re aggressive, take the skills that are on the 2nd part of the skill tree.

If you’re more on the passive/defensive side, then choose the first skills in the tree that deal less damage but does more utility like CC, SA, Slows, etc. 



How to PvP as a Succession Wiz

To be honest, I like to PvP more with Succession than with Awakening.

This is probably because I find the kit quite interesting and I’ve grown tired/bored of Awakening Wiz.

I’m not allowed to lose a tempo in Succession and each skill has to have meaning in the context of the fight.

I’m not allowed to back-off and be passive too much due to the lack of S-block.

Casting skills in sequence will make them "insta-cast" so you can make use of this when doing aggressive plays with Teleport or Earth-Response. 


The main thing I like in Succession is the fact that “Teleport” and “Ultimate: Teleport” are two independent skills. Meaning instead of using both double TP at once, you can split your teleports to a shorter range but higher frequency, this makes it REALLY hard for other players to catch you especially for grab classes. Your mobility in Succession is way higher than in Awakening.

Earth Response has SA on succession and combined with the independent Teleports, you’ll always be a moving target on par with iframe classes like Ninjas and Sorcs.

Things you need to take note of in this part:

-Teleports are independent

-SA on Earth Response

-Skills have fast casting and can go even faster when used in proper sequence

-Not allowed to be “braindead”

-Not allowed to be too defensive

-Always move


Succession Combos

It’s hard to lay out here different combos for succession due to the different builds in the tree.  

So, I’ll be sharing some of my personal combos that I use in PvP. (I switch skill trees around from time to time) 


Standard Combo

Fireball > Explosion: Focus/Areal > Bolide > Meteor: Focus > MMA (Hold)

Using Areal on Explosion will transition better into Bolide due to the "downsmash" which can channel Meteor: Focus more cleanly to make sure the enemy stays down the whole time.


Standard Combo but fancier haha

Fireball > Explosion: Focus/Areal > Teleport behind enemy > Bolide > Teleport to front of enemy > Meteor: Focus > MMA (Hold)

The same as the previous combo but this looks better and confuses the enemy more due to the double teleports.


Earthquake! Combo

Teleport > Earthquake: Evade > Equilibrium Break > Swift Earthquake > Earth Arrow

I recommend getting used to doing turning ur camera while using Earthquake: Evade in order to control how far your character travels when it dashes back. Doing a 360 will ensure your character stays in-place during the skill.


Counter Combo

Frigid Fog > Lightning > Residual Lightning: High Voltage > Fireball > Explosion: Focus > Meteor: Focus

This is useful for enemies that are very aggressive, it's also a pretty good starting combo if you chain it well with Teleport in the beginning to make Frigid Fog insta-cast. 


Long Range Combo

Freeze > Lightning > Fireball > Explosion: Focus > Meteor: Focus > Earth Arrow > MMA (Hold)

Using teleport or Earthquake: Evade can give you the distance you need in order to do this combo


Earth Response Counter Combo

Earth Response: Flow > Fireball > Explosion: Focus > Lightning > Residual Lightning: High Voltage > Bolide

This is for high-pressure situations, either you're pressuring the enemy or the enemy is pressuring you. Earth Response has SA so don't be afraid to use it when it's off-cd.


Lightning Combo

Lightning > Residual Lightning: High Voltage > Lightning Storm: High Voltage > Voltaic Pulse

This does pretty decent damage and it's one of the go-to combos that players usually instinctively learn when first trying out Succession


Mobility Combo

Fireball > Explosion: Focus > Teleport > Frigid Fog > Earthquake: Evade  > Earth Response: Flow > Lightning > Residual: High Voltage > Teleport > Meteor: Focus

This is just a fancy combo that I like to use to confuse the enemy, The amount of mobility during the execution of this combo will usually shock enemies into typing in gen-chat "wtf am i fighting a sorc or what, how do you move so fast" 





This concludes my guide for now

I’ll keep on updating this guide later on as long as the wordcount limit allows it hahaha

This guide won’t make you a good wiz, it will teach you to be more aware of how your class works so that you can further improve yourself.


Thanks to Succession, Wizard has become fun again. I don’t think I’ll ever come back to Awakening as my main build because I’m having way too much fun using Succession right now. I’ll most likely be making a YouTube video showcasing both Wizard Succession and Awakening since it’ll be easier to guide in video format.


Aard#9886 – Feel free to contact me on discord if you wanna hangout in BA. I’m also interested in learning more about Wizard and I’m pretty sure there are a lot of Wizards out there that know more than me, and I’d like to learn from them as well.


“Aard SocialAnxiety”


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# 2

Wiz ultimate guide pinag sasabi mo ang bobo mo nga mag wizard ehh gagawa ka pa ng guide para ano? gawing bobo yung mga newbie?


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# 3

Hahaha. ^ patawa yung BOBONG nag reply sa guide na to. Akala mo naman talaga may ambag sa guild nila eh iyakin naman tong BOBONG nilalang na to. Kung makaBOBO kala mo hindi BOBO na nag reroll sa kuno kasi BOBO mag witch kaso BOBO rin mag kuno, hoy BOBO kaya ka nga nag reroll sa kuno diba? Kasi aminado kang BOBO ka mag witch. wala na ngang silbe sa mundo eh BOBO pa maglaro kulang nalang yung pangalan mo maging BOBO na rin. Paano ka nakapasa sa pvp trial test sa guild niyo gamit yang skills mong nakakaBOBO talaga. BOBO. Period.



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# 4

Dear Koufax (FlyMoon), 

Please stop being obsessed with me. It's creepy, dude. 
You use NPC to track where I am and try to kill me but you have a hard time trying to pk a Wiz who is using PvE Buffs and Gear? While you're using full buff even with draughts?


You also stalk my Facebook and try to use that as "trashtalk" in-game? And now you even look for my post here in BDO site just to leave a comment? Creepy lmao, so desperate. 


Koufax talks shit so much that he plays like shit too. 


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# 5

Hi Aard, I think this guide was written with the newbie's interest. So good job on that. The details are just enough to not overwhelm the reader.


Regarding the unfortunate comment, just take it in stride, I guess the consolation is there's no auto translate so not everyone can understand the slang. I personally think, that when people are this angry, they are going through something difficult in their own lives, and the things they are saying about you, are reflections of their own reality.


I was also able to catch a few lines of you singing. Best Part is one of my favorites. Safe to say I fell in love... with your singing.



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# 6

Thank you for the guide! I recently want to try out Wizard's succession so this guide will help me alot as it is user friendly and detailed as well, thanks alot again! ^^


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# 7

Witch's succession and wizard's succession is almost identical and similar - when I have enough AP or SP, I probably try the succession again. I did try it before but it feels a bit slow to me. Also, I heard the witch's succession is good for PvE than PvP so I have a little trouble deciding since I actually like both type of PvX, probably because I'm still haven't mastered my class fully.


A very good guide and tips. Might refer this again in the future. Thanks, Aard! :D


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# 8

omg I just checked back on this guide to send to a friend of mine learning wiz, and I only saw the comments now
thanks for the kind words everyone <3 


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