[SUPPORTER] BDO Supporter "Collab"
Florentino 2020-02-25 15:51
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Greetings, everyone! My name is Ibarra and I have a proposition.


First of all, it gives me great joy to see that the Creative Content section is thriving with art and stories being shared!


I want to ask our artistic friends if are they planning to do BDO comics.


With that in mind, my proposition is this:

If ever our artistic friends decide to make BDO comics and in need of a script/story, I'm putting the stories I've written on the table for them to use for their comics. This is also open to those who are great directors that can produce wonderful machinimas.


My friends, don't be discouraged, it doesn't have to be great and you don't have to have the high-level skills in the arts and videography to qualify. It is open to all!


My goal is to see Black Desert SEA thriving with creative content.


To our friends that are silver-tongued writers, can I ask you to do the same and have what you've written in comics/video form by our artistic friends?

I believe that this "collab" I'm proposing would open new doors for the Creative Content section and that in time it will pave the way to an even more colourful Black Desert SEA forum filled with Creative Content of various forms.


Let's make Creative Content's Screenshots, Fanarts, and Videos a thriving part of the forum!


Note: You don't have to be a SUPPORTER to take part in this proposition! As I've mentioned earlier, it is open to all!


Character Name Florentino
Main Character Archer
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Great Idea from our gentleman Ibarra.

<The ladies man> sorry I didnt give you title, it was under SUGGESTED Black Spirit quests I think =)


'Note: You don't have to be a SUPPORTER to take part in this proposition! As I've mentioned earlier, it is open to all!' INDEED!


We dont need a title to support each other.

Whats the point of a supporter only supporting myself?


ok MY seal



Character Name Veonya
Main Character Shai
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I find this is a great and attractive idea. For me, I work on with very limited mediums (I could only do screenshots) - thus, the only reason I could provide pictures with a wall of texts. I stopped writing for a really long time, that I feel my imagination's well drying up too soon. Thankfully, I have friends that encourage me to revive my well again.


It's true, you don't have to be SUPPORTER to participate and make the forum alive. There's lot many more creative people out there and they are mostly welcome! BDO have a lots to offer and to me, one of the nicest graphics for a game.


I hope to see more talented people out there that can join us in the nearest time and in the future! Good job, Ibarra! 


Update: no seal but prints to make sure I was here!

Character Name Rozenelle
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Thank you @Veonya and @Rozenelle for the kind words!

Agreed, hopefully, we can see more Creative Content and encourage other people to share their creative side!


There's no limit to creativity!


@Veonya, "Gentleman" is fine hahaha. "Ladies man" doesn't fit well with me because I can't talk to a girl without stuttering and I can't look at them in the eye. (I'm shy IRL)

Character Name Florentino
Main Character Archer
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@V finally a tltle for our dear F, Ibarra the Kind? Great idea Ibarra. While waiting for that comic, maybe we can start collaborating with others (open to all) on our story board, so when we find the one (comic) they can start right away. ( the T I T is getting the "words you cannot use, grr).


Character Name Auraenys
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Enough of 'SUPPORTERS'!




Character Name Veonya
Main Character Shai
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