[NPC]Getting to Vatudun
Veonya 2020-02-29 18:18
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Edit Date : 2020-09-06

This is a real fun Video by my buddies Typical <Hashtag> and  IsabellaXT <Lucid>




BDO is so fun filled with memories for me with crazy peeps and buddies!



I needed to find him to learn heating : Skilled. Melting lobsters in Glue. Long long quests too.

I miss you guys so much, glad we are all still in the game.

Memories are best with friends in game.


Toffee of Florin.

Character Name Veonya
Main Character Shai
Lv 61
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Edit Date : 2020-03-01

Vatu--- DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN *baby shark intensifies*

Character Name Rozenelle
Main Character Witch
Lv 62
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