YEBOI 2020-03-02 21:06
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Edit Date : 2020-03-02

y'all know horse market right now in kontoru state? , lame queue time for couser registration and almost impossible to snipe it without autoclicker or bots idk ?
its just so frustrating , game need fixed to change queue timer to fixed time or make it PO like central market thing much more fair in my opinion rather than randoms queue timer right now.

Character Name YEBOI
Main Character Archer
Lv 61
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Edit Date : 2020-03-06

-update post-


okay its been 4 days lookin up horse market for courser , and guess what imma only sees the horse 1 second appeared and poof gone u cannot buy it at all , this is really concern me some kind bots or 3rd party tools involved in there . even i saw a post by someone in community group that was they sell services for snipe t8 courser on the market idk they used 3rd party tools or not. 

u guys need to make a change about the situation !!!

Character Name YEBOI
Main Character Archer
Lv 61

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