[WorldBoss]Getting to Nouver
Veonya 2020-03-05 17:36
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Nouver will spawn on all servers except Arsha and Olvia.

Be at Sand Grain Bazaar 15-10 mins before that, normally u can follow others there.

OR you can ask someone already there, party them. Their location will be shown on the MINI Map.


Go with Purified Water + Star Anise Tea(We get heat n cold debuffs)

Please enure you have ELION Tears as its a pain getting back to Nouver should you die.


1. Move 3 Oclock Direction from Sand Grain Bazaar


2. Keeping moving with the HILL of our left. Once the HILL on the LEFT ends. Find the HIGHEST HILL in front of you.



3. Find this MOB, you know you are at the right spot. GO South(6 oclock) from this spot. A good place to park your mount as well


4. You will find OTHER Players or if you are early, this NPC LONELY Galieva


GL with Box!



Toffee of Florin

Character Name Veonya
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# 2

I only did Nouver a few times, hate the desert and most of the time you have to rush to it because it's paired with another boss. But I did get lucky to get a few Nouver weapon boxes. Thanks for the guide V.


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# 3

Another way I would do is go to 4 o'clock direction until you arrived the "Black Desert" mark in your minimap, move your direction to 3 o'clock while trying to locate the highest hills you can find - you'll see lonely Galieva 'hiding' too. Never, ever - try to make your minimap rotate if you don't want to get lost. Haha.


Anyway, a great guide! This should be come in handy for new adventurers that are trying to try their luck on Nouver!

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# 4

For new players or old players who always got lost in the desert, especially in H1 server, Toffee will guide you there directly.

Character Name PrawiLucia
Main Character Dark Knight
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